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Keep cool with these new summer quenchers

By Denise Nicole Uy Published Mar 19, 2021 2:00 pm Updated Mar 26, 2021 9:37 pm

There’s nothing quite like drinking a tall, cold glass of water on a hot summer day, but there are lots of other drinks out there just waiting to be your next favorite summer treat. Here are some super sippable concoctions to help you beat the heat—and guess what, you can easily order them too, just by calling 8876-1111.

Ube and sago shake

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice cold shake in the summer? Whether you prefer fruit shakes or enjoy a little adventure in your glass, an ube shake sounds divine. Try the scrumptious Ube and Sago shake at Manams during your next visit. The enticing purple color complemented by yummy chewy sago might just be the thing to help you beat the heat. 

Manam's Ube and Sago Shake

Mango cheesecake milkshake

Speaking of shakes, you can never go wrong with the classic milkshake! I don’t know about you, but when I think of summer I remember the familiar melody of the ice cream truck promising creamy ice cream goodness right outside my door. Why not recreate that feeling with Dairy Queen’s patented Milk Shakes? Tip: they come in a variety of flavors but why not be a little adventurous and try their Mango Cheesecake flavor!

Dairy Queen's Milk Shakes come in a variety of flavors


Cold chocolate

Who doesn’t enjoy hot chocolate on a rainy day? Similarly, who’ll say no to iced cold chocolate during a hot summer day? Mary Grace is a cafe that offers a variety of drinks to suit any temperature. Feeling cold? Try their many varieties of hot chocolate from Mint chocolate to Spicy Mexicana Tsokolate. Feeling hot? Try their Cold Hot Chocolate with lots of yummy whipped cream on top!

Mary Grace's Cold Hot Chocolate with whipped cream

Milk tea

Extra pearls, please! Milk tea franchises dot the metro for good reason. Sometimes when you’re overwhelmed by choices and don’t know what to get, there’s always a treat you can fall back on and enjoy time and time again. Dakasi’s Okinawa milk tea is still a favorite even with the plethora of other milk tea flavors for its classic and homey taste.

Dakasi's Okinawan milk tea and other delicious flavors

Iced coffee

The classics are a classic for a reason! Dunkin’ Donuts’ Iced Coffee is a standout favorite for its affordability, decent caffeine kick, and distinctive flavor. Enjoying an iced coffee sounds likea great way to cool off and a solid way to start your day.

Living in a tropical country, we’re already used to the sweltering heat and practically half the summer experience is trying to stay cool under the sun. Rediscovering past favorites and trying out new treats sound like a great way to cool off this coming summer.

Dunkin' Donuts' Iced Coffee

For more refreshing summer treats, visit SM Shopmag or call 8876-1111 for delivery and pickup.


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