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Grace Poe, Injap Sia, Rex Gatchalian: Lessons my mother taught me

By Tanya Lara Published May 09, 2021 4:30 pm

As has often been said, a mother’s relationship with her children is like no other. It’s one of unconditional love, understanding and patience.

Senator Grace Poe tells PhilSTAR L!fe, “My mom is my voice of reason and fiercest ally. She taught me how to be brave so I can fight my own battles but will also be at the first line of defense to show her support.” 

Mang Inasal founder and Doube Dragon chairman Injap Sia describes his relationship with his mom as “deep-rooted and unbreakable.”

Mayor Rex Gatchalian says, “Our relationship is anchored on moderation. She is the gentle nudge on our side when we get too aggressive or overly excited about something. She makes sure that we are anchored and grounded. She brought us to Sunday school when we were young and to this day reminds us to always pray and go to church. She is the constant inspiration that makes sure our moral compass is pointing to the right direction.”

Senator Grace Poe
Mom: Susan Roces (Jesusa Purificacion Levy Sonora)

Important life lessons from mom

My mom has a very strong character and she is quite known to be a no-nonsense person. So whenever I need to make big decisions, she has always taught me to look at the reality we’re working with—even if it’s not the most ideal one. She taught me that facing life’s challenges with honesty and bravery will help me make the best decisions. 

On love and finding the right partner

My parents’ love for each other taught me so much about what to look for in a partner and what marriage entails—so much so that they didn’t need to sit me down and enumerate the qualities I need to look for in a man, I just knew. 

On career and work

That would be to have a very strong work ethic. I remember when I won a seat in the Senate for the first time and she asked me when work would start. I went on to tell her about how my office at the Senate was already getting painted among other things, and she told me that in case the office doesn’t finish on time, I should set up my table in the hallway so people will know that my office is not ready yet and they get pressured to work faster. 

Businessman Injap Sia
Mom: Paz Sia

Important life lessons from mom

I learned from my mother the importance of the old-fashioned values of hardwork, integrity, courage, and determination. She also has consistently shown us how to live a simple life. 

On love and finding the right partner

She did the teaching more by giving her family the real unconditional love that is not said but felt. Since I was a kid, until now, I can really feel her genuine and deep love for me and my siblings. Nothing is more paramount to her than the family. 

On career and work

I have always admired in great extent her consistent work ethic and indomitable fighting spirit. I have been a witness of how my mother has devoted her all for her family. 

Valenzuela Mayor Rex Gatchalian
Mom: Dee Hua Gatchalian

Important life lessons from mom

Mom taught me to be patient and be on the lookout for the right timing because you may not always get to accomplish things at first try.

Sometimes, things are not for you at the moment but further down the road it will become rightfully yours. She often reminds me that problems are not easily solved at one go. You have to stay patient while looking for a solution, and it will come at the right time and at the right circumstances. It applies in public service because when we are trying to look for solutions, sometimes we don’t get to find them at the first go, but later on, if you keep on persevering, you will end up finding the best solution.

On love and finding the right partner

She always tells me to look at things calmly—not to jump into personal decisions haphazardly. To be always mindful and to look at things at a bigger picture; nothing is one-dimensional.

On career and work

Like most parents, she would always tell me to “push your self to the limit.” Meaning, always try to become the best, but at the same time to always go back to being patient about things.

Yes, she wants you to be the best you could possibly be but it doesn’t happen in one go. You have to be patient, to be calm about it, to be mindful and to look at the entire situation so that when you do make those grand decisions, whether in personal or career life, you can always make the right one because you looked at it from the big picture point of view.