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LOOK: 7-Eleven sends a Slurpee to space to celebrate its 94th birthday

By Brooke Villanueva Published Aug 11, 2021 5:48 pm

What better way to celebrate your birthday than going to space?

As part of its 94th birthday celebration, 7-Eleven sent its most iconic offering to space: a Slurpee carrying the Coca-Cola flavor, which was determined after looking into the most ordered variants by the brand’s customers via delivery and the app. It was only followed by Cherry and Blue Raspberry.

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According to a press release, it departed the Earth via a helium-filled weather balloon from one of its branches in Michigan—“the Slurpee capital of the U.S. (aka the state that consumes the most Slurpee drinks) for the journey high above Earth’s atmosphere.” The well-loved beverage was placed in a commemorative cup, which was crafted exclusively for the event.

Photographs from 7-Eleven's Twitter and Instagram pages

It’s interesting to note that Coca-Cola also became the very first soft drink to be consumed in space in 1985, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Article thumbnails from 7-Eleven’s Twitter and Instagram accounts