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Let these travel vloggers quench your thirst for wanderlust

By PINKY S. ICAMEN Published Apr 13, 2021 6:47 pm

Traveling stirs the soul, opens the mind and tells the story of the heart. Even as the pandemic continues to hamper plans of movement for leisure locally and internationally, the palpable energy within an avid traveler can never be subdued.

While many are missing the joys of travel and are still stuck in the confines of uncertainty, let these travel vloggers give you something to look forward to as we gear up and go see the rest of the country and the world when it is safe to head back out there again.

For now, see the country and the world through the lens of these travel vloggers through their binge-worthy content—from traveling in the time of a pandemic, replacing a jet-setter life for a life in a van, to visiting all 197 countries of the world.


Patrice “Ave” Averilla's love for local and international travel is seen in her YouTube channel Avelovinit, which has over 297,000 subscribers and 34 million views to date.

In her videos, Ave covers every aspect of planning for a trip—from itinerary, food guide, accommodations and local happenings. She has travel guides for local destinations in the Philippines like Bicol, Samar, Palawan, Iloilo, Bacolod and Cebu, and her trips in Europe and South America.

In 2020, Ave and her Norwegian fiancé, Martin Solhaugen, rode out most of the pandemic in Siargao, making content for both of their YouTube channels by exploring the famed island.

With her love for sun, sea, and sand, she has released a swimwear line called Juvaderia.  

Currently, Ave is sunkissed in Mexico together with her fiance, and of course, she is documenting her journey to give her viewers a glimpse of how it is like to travel internationally during these uncertain times.

Click here to check out more of Ave’s adventures.

Drew Binsky

Drew Binsky is a guy on a mission—to travel all the countries in the world before he turns 31. He shares his mission to over 2.4 million subscribers.

He was supposed to finish this goal in May 2020 but the pandemic happened and halted the majority of international travel. Drew’s plans were almost completely derailed but as the saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way. As of today, this travel vlogger has visited 194 out of 197 countries in the world, and he is in the process of making a full-length documentary out of this feat.

He was recently in Venezuela, which he said was on the Top 3 hardest visas to get for him. After being vaccinated recently, Drew is ready to take on the last three countries to tick off his list—Saudi Arabia, Palau and Jamaica.

Drew’s mission of visiting all the countries in the world has gone beyond just visiting them for the sake of. He focuses on telling unique stories about people, food and culture of every location he visits and making a point that the world is not as unsafe as people think. His stories will not just inspire one to travel, but these moments Drew captures will make one appreciate and understand that there is so much out there that the world has to offer.

In his travels, Drew has met the world’s tallest man in Turkey, had his beard trimmed on the streets of Afghanistan, survived a fatal bus crash in India, and endured a grueling road trip across West Africa.

See more of his 800 videos here.


Christine Kaaloa created her YouTube channel Grrrltraveler to create a community of solo traveling women. Eventually, her channel with over 150,000 subscribers has shown the beauty of traveling solo and has given the community the boost of confidence to embark on a journey all over the world.

In her travels, Christine, a one-woman film crew, creates a trip roadmap for her viewers with her “best things to do” trip guides, street food tours, detailed trip planning advice and hotel reviews.

With her love for adventure, Christine makes sure to immerse with the locals to understand the culture and seek deeper connections in the destination she goes to.

She is also not afraid to show her vulnerable side, especially with the challenges of traveling that she presents in honest and straightforward style.

Visit Grrrltraveler’s YouTube channel here to see her exciting adventures.

Mark Weins

Mark Weins is an intrepid traveler who brings his viewers all over the world through the way of food. His famous tagline “Will travel for food” pretty much sums up what he does in his YouTube channel, which has racked up over seven million subscribers and over 1.6 billion views.

Through his travels, together with his Thai wife Ying and son Micha, Mark is always in search for some of the most delicious food, which is his way of introducing a culture to his viewers. He is game to try anything, no matter if the eatery is by a busy road or if a dish is only for the faint of heart.

Mark has walked the streets and Metro Manila and tried food in the famous Aling Sosing’s carinderia in Makati, the cramped alleys in Quiapo, and a market in Quezon City, to the delight of his Filipino fans.

As the pandemic grounded his international travels, Mark is exploring more of Thailand, where he and his family are based. His content, though limited now to just within Thailand, will make one miss one of the best things about traveling—eating!

Check out his two YouTube channels Mark Abroad and his bigger main channel Mark Weins.

Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate have traveled to over 100 countries and all seven continents since they started to pick up their bags and travel the world in 2016.

The husband-and-wife tandem from Nashville, Tennessee document their adventures through their eponymous YouTube channel, which has massively grown since last year with over two million subscribers.

The couple’s adventures—from climbing an active volcano (before it erupted) in Vanuatu, camping in the snow in Antarctica, to exploring the lost city of Petra in Jordan—allow the viewers to see not only the beauty of the destinations but also learn more about them outside of the pretty aesthetic that pleases the eye.

Kara and Nate were in the Philippines early last year exploring different destinations like Kalanggaman island in Leyte and Coron. But due to the pandemic and fear of being locked down, they were forced to leave the country, head straight home, and recalibrate their travel path.

Not long after going back to the US, the couple, with the itch for travel, bought a self-converted van and has been driving across the country ever since. With this new mode of living and traveling, Kara and Nate not only have documented their struggles and small wins but they also rediscovered the beauty of their home country.

Click here to visit Kara and Nate’s YouTube channel.