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Sheila Osmeña-Go inspires her family to discover new passions at home

Published Dec 22, 2020 3:50 pm

Since quarantine started, many families have transformed their homes into an all-in-one hub for work, entertainment and learning—and so did the family of Sheila Osmeña-Go, a supermom of two who’s making the most out of the new normal.

Sheila, the great-granddaughter of former president Sergio Osmeña Sr., knows how to creatively turn things into artistic creations, and the lockdown became an opportune time to keep her children busy with enjoyable activities and fun moments at home. 

Staying at home 24/7 has been a blessing for Sheila’s family--a time for them to embrace their passions, experience new things and explore the world with the help of technology.

An inspiration to the family

Sheila sets a good example to her kids as a multi-faceted individual—juggling being a licensed real estate broker, entrepreneur and full-time mom who has found new passions to nurture even during this time. 

She’s also an artist, setting aside afternoons in her studio to paint and do commissioned work. Just last year, she held an exhibit where she sold 14 of 16 paintings. In August 2020, Sheila finished another masterpiece, Soaring High.

Soaring High is one of Sheila's paintings released in August 2020. 

“My husband, and especially my kids, inspire me because they always compliment my work and show their support. They ask me to put paintings in their rooms and my daughter Cadence would sometimes go up to my studio and we would paint together,” Sheila says.

Sheila’s husband Howard has also become an inspiration to their children to pursue their passions and learn more. A co-founder of MochiBits and the GM of Go Rewards, Howard imparted his knowledge and tech skills to their children at a young age.

Sheila's kids Ethan and Cadence

Since the lockdown, the Go family has had more time to spend together and, naturally, this inspired the children to discover new skills. 

Sheila shares, “My 9-year-old daughter is learning to do sculptures and Ethan, who is 12 years old, is developing online games while creating some 3D graphics and digital animation. He also has a couple of YouTube channels where he posts his animation and cooking videos.”

Pursuing passions

Having a strong and reliable internet connection helps fuel the Go family’s interests. Sheila developed a liking for hydroponics and aquaponics through research, reading e-books on gardening and watching videos on YouTube. 

Through this, she was able to set up solar-powered battery support, a rainwater catch basin, water pumps and a homemade filtration system to create a complete self-sustaining aquaponic garden. Now, the family has an aquaponic system with different plants and various kinds of freshwater fish, snails and crustaceans. 

The children also make good use of their PLDT Home Fibr-powered internet by being productive online. Cadence has developed her sewing skills, while Ethan learned how to code and work on his original video game.

Sheila with Ethan and Cadence

With PLDT Home Fibr, families can rediscover ways to bond at home and pursue their passions without worries. 

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