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LOOK: This burger is so big it can feed a whole family, and then some

By PhilSTAR L!fe Published Jan 25, 2021 6:58 am

There are burgers, and there is the “Road Train” burger in Australia.

This humongous burger weighs a heart-stopping total of 5.5 kilos and has over a kilo of meat, a kilo of bun, six whole tomatoes, one entire lettuce, three large beetroots, one tin of pineapple slices, and 400 grams of cheese and barbecue sauce. (Don't ask us about why it has beetroots and pineapple slices, ok?) To top it off, it is also surrounded by a kilo of potato wedges. The total bill is $80 or about P3,846. 

The so-called “Road Train” burger is on the menu of the Nindigully Pub in Queensland, Australia. Word is that it can feed at least six people.

A number of diners have taken the trip just to sample the infamous burger, touted as Australia’s biggest.

At instagram, Caokafenny said that the burger was not just big, but “was delicious” as well.

Another user also enthused about her “Road Train” experience.

“I’m so glad we were able to experience all that is Nindigully pub even if that 5.5kg Road Train burger with 1.2kg or the best beef we have ever got us good. Oh well at least we have left overs for lunch and dinner tomorrow,” wrote _the_travelling_t on Instagram.