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Couch surf’s up: Summer flicks for every staycation mood

By SAAB LARIOSA Published Mar 15, 2021 8:29 am

If the heat still isn’t any indication, it’s already summer—and we're still right here at home.

To at least feel that summer vibe while staying safe, we’ve gathered some stellar film recommendations for your every summer mood. Because just ‘cause we can’t have that picture-perfect vacation doesn’t mean we can’t relive it onscreen.

For the spontaneous soul-searchers: 

I’m Drunk, I Love You (2017)

Even the best of us have been caught with that “tara, Elyu?” bug. The TBA Studios film showcases Maja Salvador and Paulo Avelino as Dio and Carson, two best friends who have to confront their lingering feelings for each other.

 Even better, the entire film can be watched via the TBA Studios YouTube channel.

Mamma Mia (2008)

Perma-vacationers can relate to this one, as Donna's (Meryl Streep) curious soul takes her everywhere from Paris to Greece and jumping from boy to boy. With the jukebox musical comprised of ABBA's classic anthology, old and new fans alike are sure to get a thrill.

The original movie and its sequel are available on Netflix.

For the star-crossed summer flings: 

Before Sunrise Trilogy (1995-2013)

The tale of Céline (Julie Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke) is right up the alley of hopeless romantics. Girl meets boy, boy meets girl, and they spend an entire day walking around Vienna without a care or responsibility in the world. The Richard Linklater film has since spawned a trilogy following the pair's decades-spanning love affair. At the end of the day, don’t we all just want someone to talk endlessly with?

Before Sunrise is available to watch on Netflix. 

Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Taking the term forbidden lovers to a whole new level, Elio (Timothée Chalamet) and Oliver (Armie Hammer) walk us through a romantic Italian summer while they walk the line between their foreboding relationship. 

For getting the gang together: 

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

If you're a fan of John Hughes classics like The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink, this underrated ‘80s hit is for you.

The movie follows spontaneous high schooler Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick) as he skips an entire day of school with his best friend Cameron (Alan Ruck) and girlfriend Sloan Peterson (Mia Sara). It's good ol' 80s gold with the staple random song number in the middle.

Grease (1978) 

Before the likes of High School Musical, there was Grease. After having an intense summer affair, preppy girl Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) and greaser Danny (John Travolta) discover that their post-summer lives are way more different than they thought.

For wacky family road trips: 

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Nothing spells dysfunction like a Little Miss California beauty pageant, a bright yellow VW van, and the Hoover family who love but don't particularly like each other very much. This classic road trip flick introduces the talented ensemble cast of Steve Carrell, Greg Kinnear, Toni Collete, and Abigail Breslin as they traverse long miles to find out what it means to be a family.

Patay Na Si Hesus (2016)

Of course, we have our own rendition of the road trip genre. This Cebuano dark comedy follows the quirky matriarchial family of Iyay (Jaclyn Jose) as she and her three kids traverse to Cebu to bury their estranged father. The film made its debut at the QCinema International Film Festival and was one of the 12 entries to the 2017 Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino.

For the daredevils: 

Jaws (1974)

There's no shark thriller that does it like Jaws. Steven Spielberg's 1970 hit undeniably set the standard for beach horror films with its unforgettable score and compelling storyline. Best to stay away from any beaches to avoid anxiety after watching, though.

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

Not everyone can just up and forget their summer mistakes. This sexy slasher follows four high schoolers who accidentally kill a man during a wild summer night, and have to face the grim consequences sooner than later. It's a dark tale, but at least it'll make you appreciate that we're all physically distanced right now.