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LOOK: This burger is made of two lechon belly buns

By Camille Santiago Published Sep 25, 2021 1:28 pm

Everyone loves a burger—okay, almost. Though it is a quintessential all-American food, this staple comfort food has come a long way, with different cultures adopting it and creating their own twists—including that of this lechon burger that's very Filipino-inspired.

Yes. A lechon burger.

If you prefer something a bit more gourmet, this burger is definitely it—and it's sure to quell your hunger.

Created by Mate Burger, a Sydney-based foodtruck that sells Filipino and American fusion food, the Lechon Burger has gone viral for its creative and unique ingredients.

Instead of using two bread buns, this burger uses over half a kilo of crispy roasted pork belly sandwiching double beef patties. It also has double cheese, pickles, onions and their very own "mate sauce."

Their old version, however, included a layer of rice. Because what's lechon without rice, right?

The Lechon Burger sells for A$16 (~P591) and is only available during the summer.

Photo from Mate Burger's Facebook Page