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Don't be that annoying passenger. Here are common travel pet peeves to avoid

By Yoniel Acebuche Published Apr 11, 2024 2:03 pm Updated Apr 11, 2024 3:01 pm

While travel offers a wealth of benefits—from expanding our horizons to pure relaxation—it can also push us to our limits. Sometimes, fellow travelers with habits that get under our skin can test our patience. Sometimes, we don't even know that we are that annoying passenger.

But being mindful of common pet peeves can help us all avoid becoming "that traveler." Here's what seasoned explorers find most bothersome.

Listening to music without earphones

Speaking to PhilSTAR L!fe, travel blogger Cai Dominguez of Travelosyo said listening to loud music or watching videos without earphones can be incredibly disruptive, especially when people are trying to sleep or enjoy a peaceful ambiance.

"It intrudes [on] my ability to relax or rest. This behavior can cause so much discomfort and irritation and [detract] me from the overall experience of the flight," he said.

Similarly, John Rey Catindoy, a passenger service agent at Philippine Airlines, said people who play loud music at campsites are a no-no as "most people go camping to have a break from the hustle and bustle of the city."

"When you're at a campsite, you're supposed to unwind and enjoy the sound of nature. but there will always be inconsiderate campers who would ruin the serenity of the surroundings by partying and playing loud music [e]specially at night," he said.

Unnecessary noise

While loud music and videos annoy fellow travelers, disruptive sounds can completely derail their moods. For couturier Rowie Tarroza and digital travel content creator Romel Tribiana, loud plane chats and loud phone talkers on commutes are annoying.

"Or worse, katabi mo tapos kinakausap ka ng kinakausap kahit di ka naman interested," Tarroza said.

Entitled passengers

Meanwhile, Pia Lumpas, a public school teacher who has been to different parts of the Philippines, passengers who always ask to switch seats bother her.

"We pay for these seats. 'Yung iba ayaw mag bayad and they pray that when they board the flight papakiusapan nila na kung pwede mag-switch. This is wrong. Kaya nga tayo nagbayad ng extra para sa privilege na ito. If they want the extra comfort or the view, [then] book early or pay for it," Lumpas explained.

"It is wrong to assume na puwede mong kausapin 'yung ibang tao na i-give up yung binayaran nila. Don't scrimp then tapos 'pag andoon na makikiusap ka ng seat switch," she added.

On the other hand, passengers who are seated at the back of the plane and want to deplane ahead of everyone else irritate digital creator AJ Cenzon.

"Whenever the plane reaches its destination, 'yung mga nakaupo sa likod gusto nila mauna lumabas sa plane. Dapat kasi 'yung mga nasa front seats 'yung mauna lumabas as courtesy and para in order yung pagdeplane. Makakababa naman ng plane lahat, need lang maging patient," she said.

Removing shoes

Sometimes, even basic hygiene can be an issue. Lumpas finds passengers who take off their shoes bothersome, and she revealed she encounters a lot of these especially since she travels by bus often.

"Madaming naiinip sa bus lalo na pag malalayo like 3-5 hours sa bus. Mag huhubad pa ng sapatos minsan. One time may nag siksik ng paa nya sa upuan ko sa likod. Pag lingon ko nakangiti pa. One time naman may 'di kaaya ayang amoy," she shared," Lumpas said.

How not to be that annoying passenger

Building on the travel pet peeves mentioned above, here are some tips from travel experts to ensure a smooth journey for everyone.

  • Be mindful of other people. "Having properly seated will allow the smooth boarding of the rest of the guests which could greatly contribute to the timely dispatch of the flight," AirAsia Philippines Senior Cabin Crew Roselyn Evardo told L!fe. She added, "Unruly passengers can be subjected to disciplinary actions, such as being reprimanded or offloaded during the flight."
  • Be more understanding and patient. While flight delays may sometimes be inevitable, Evardo said that passengers should understand that there are valid reasons for this, such as airport operation limitations, bad weather conditions, and other unscheduled maintenance, which are not the fault of the flight crew. Ralph Dreyfus, also a senior cabin crew from the same airline, said "patience and understanding are [the] key" and "information, once received, will be shared with the passengers."
  • Observe inflight proper decorum. Since all flights have a scheduled departure, Abegail Pablo, a cabin attendant, said passengers can be of big help if they do not block the aisle while deplaning. "You can step inside the seat and get your things. By this simple act, you keep the passenger flow going and help the cabin crew leave on time," she said. "As 'Safety Ambassadors,' it is also important to us that we all reach our destinations on time, practicing the highest standards of safety. This can only be done with the strong collaboration between us, guests, and airline personnel," she shared.