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Michael Cacnio: A father’s connection is unbreakable

By Denise Nicole Uy Published Jun 17, 2021 3:54 pm

“My tip as a father: spend more time with your kids and talk to them,” declares Michael Cacnio, world-class brass sculptor and father, on the importance of taking the time to know your children. 

Cacnio is as multifaceted as the art he brings to life. A graduate of the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts and an awardee of the prestigious The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) of the Philippines in 2006, everybody knows Cacnio as an exceptional artist. But only his family is privy to this dad who takes the time to have dates with each of his three children – Jacob, Mateo, and Lucas – who is there for them whenever they need someone to listen.

A supportive artist and a father

Cacnio’s art is known for themes of joy and hope inspired by his childhood in Malabon. “With my art, people can go into my world and my mind, and see what I want to express," he says. "Through that, I can share my happiness.”

One of Michael Cacnio’s signature balloon classics, "Father and Son."

Growing up, his drive to keep improving and exploring the boundaries of art pushed him further. “As an artist, the environment molds you. You’re inspired by what's happening around you.”

Though he followed in his father’s footsteps in becoming an artist, he didn’t have the same expectation for his children. All he wants, he says, is for his children to be happy. So, it was a big surprise when he discovered his son’s talent for art during the pandemic.

Nakita ko siya nag-drawing and nakita kong mas magaling siya compared to me when I was his age. Ang sabi ko, ‘Anak may potential ka dito. I think you’ll be an artist someday’,” he proudly shares.

Adjusting to the lockdown

Like everybody else, Cacnio had to adjust to the pandemic when the virus broke out. As a father, he was determined to protect his family. “Hindi mawawala ang anxiety, but I have to be strong for my kids and not show them my fears,” Cacnio says.

Cacnio doubled down on the importance of creating a relationship built on trust. “Kapag mayroon problem ang mga bata, dine-date ko sila isa-isa para malaman ko ang problem.”

Michael Cacnio with his family celebrating his youngest son Lucas's birthday.

A lot of kids nowadays mistakenly think of life as a video game, he reflects, believing that once the screen flashes “Game Over,” then it’s a done deal. But Cacnio wants his children to know that he’ll be there to help them pick themselves up and try again, no matter how many times it takes.

Although lockdowns have made it difficult to do activities that they usually do, bonding with his family is still his priority. He laughs as he recounts how his family took to online shopping for their family activities, like gardening tools, art supplies, and baking and kitchen utensils.

Strongest connection at home

In 2020, Cacnio was inspired to hold a virtual exhibit centered on the pandemic, honoring frontliners for their heroism and dedication. It was a vast contrast to his past exhibits, and he is still in awe of how the internet can bridge people and experiences despite the physical limitations.

One of the first PLDT Home Fibr subscribers in 2012, Cacnio has been relying to his fast connection from PLDT Home to share his art to the world. The internet has become a window to the master artist’s world. “Ang dami mong nakikita and nadi-discover," he recounts. "You can go beyond your place. Para kang nag-explore.”

Michael Cacnio’s “Maestro,” from his 2020 art exhibit entitled KWADRO.

This year, the master sculptor is excited to unveil his latest exhibit, and he shares that he’s been experimenting with new inspirations and methods.

Cacnio’s desire to explore and continuously grow his skills has not dimmed even a little. He still wonders how to improve his craft and experiments with materials to push his art into new directions.

Michael Cacnio's "Gentle Giant"

But most of all, he looks forward to seeing his children find their own passions in life. Much like his art, Cacnio’s parenting style is unique and, for his children, there’s no dad like him.

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