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I used the Electrolux air fryer for the first time—here's my experience

By Camille Santiago Published Aug 05, 2021 5:07 pm

I’ve always been curious about air fryers. It claims to be a “healthier and more convenient alternative to deep frying,” so who won’t get intrigued with that, right?

We had an old, unbranded air fryer, but we gave it away because number one, it took too long to cook food. Number two, it was too loud. And three, since it cooked longer, it consumed more energy.

I don’t really cook, that’s why tools and appliances that make cooking easier and better for beginners like me are of much help. In fact, I almost got “budol-ed” one time when it got popular over the pandemic. There was a huge sale on one eCommerce platform, but I never really got to check out my cart because I thought I’d spend my money on something that I really want. I thought air fryers would just be another trend and knowing me, I’d forget to use it after a couple of tries. But it all changed until I got to try another air fryer.

When given an opportunity to try an air fryer, I got so excited! The one I tried was the Electrolux 3L Explore 6 air fryer, which is about the size of a 5L round water dispenser.

The unit

Electrolux 3L Explore 6 air fryer

The unit itself is surprisingly easy to carry. It has a net weight of 4.8 kg and a capacity of 3L. The design is very sleek and the unit comes in black, which is perfect for those who prefer a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

It comes with a stainless steel rack and features a detachable and dishwasher-safe frying basket. Note that the plug of this unit is Type G, so I had to look for an adaptor to be able to use it.

Getting started

Call me noob, but I had to read the manual and look up a video on how to use this thing just to be sure. Since air fryers are like convection ovens, I had to place it on a heat-resistance surface and a little far from the wall. There’s a vent at the back of the unit, so be sure to allow the air to circulate.

Air-fried crispy pata

Halfway cooked crispy pata

The first food that I—or well, my brother— tried cooking with the Electrolux 3L Explore 6 is crispy pata. We boiled the pork for about 3 hours and let it dry for another 2 hours before putting it in the air fryer. It took about an hour—30 minutes each side—before it got cooked.

The finished product

The result was almost as good as deep frying. It was less crispier compared to deep-fried crispy pata (maybe it needs more time or I have to tweak the recipe), but I’d still choose it because we didn’t use oil at all!

Air frying snacks

Shabu-shabu balls

The following week, I air fried shabu-shabu balls—you know, the ones in PotDog! I figured since these are usually deep-fried, might as well try them in the air fryer. And so after about 15 minutes, it came out perfectly! It wasn’t oily, and the texture was chewy.

The next food that I tried was mojos. I got hungry one time, but the only food I could find in the fridge were potatoes—I don’t know why but we have about 2 kilos in our ref. Instead of ordering take out, I cut the potatoes into round slices, seasoned them with pepper and Old Bay, and put them in the air fryer. My only mistake was I put too much potatoes in the basket, that’s why the other pieces were left uncooked. I took out the cooked ones and continued air frying for about 15 minutes.

The results were good—my dad even got a second serving! I’ll try it with sweet potatoes next time and use other recipes.

Air fried potatoes

Cleaning the air fryer

I clean the pan and basket after each use to prevent oil build-up and to remove crumbs (Honestly, who wants a dirty appliance?).

When washing the unit by hand, be gentle in scrubbing or removing food. I use a soft sponge and dishwashing soap, and let it air dry.

What I like about it

I’m that person who gets scared of oil splatter and burns, so the air fryer is a game changer for me. And compared to our old air fryer, this one doesn’t get too hot—although I’d still not recommend touching the appliance while it is on. Let it cool a few more minutes before cleaning or moving it.

Another is that the fan isn’t loud. Again, compared to our previous one, this does not make a sound at all. 

And finally, I love the convenience—it’s easy to disassemble and easy to use. Plus, unlike most ovens that don’t have timers, you can leave your food in the basket without worrying about forgetting to turn off the air fryer.

Is it worth it?

The price of this appliance is not cheap at P8,995, but Electrolux regularly holds sales (they have one this 8.8). Personally, it is worth it. Electrolux is a trusted brand, so you’re assured that the quality is impressive. There's also a two-year warranty for their air fryers.

We are four in the household, and using this 3L air fryer is economical for us. But when my brother’s family is here, it would require at least two batches of cooking. So, either you get a one that has a bigger capacity or consider the time when preparing food.

If you have extra space in the kitchen and extra money, definitely get this one.

Photos by the author; banner image from Electrolux