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It’s time to reimagine life

By ALTHEA LAUREN RICARDO Published Sep 22, 2023 9:20 am

Once in a while, we find ourselves wishing our lives were a little bit different. We imagine what life would be like if it were more of this or if it were more of that. Sometimes, just imagining is enough, and we get out of our imagination, refreshed to face another day.

But other times, our imagination sparks change: First, we make small tweaks, like how we wear our hair or style our clothes, and before we know it, we are taking big leaps to living the life of our dreams.

Our imagination is powerful. “Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities,” says journalist and changemaker Gloria Steinem. “Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing what is what will ever be, but a spark of imagination can help us start creating a future that doesn’t yet exist. But how do we begin?

Home from the outside in: The alfresco design vision behind Haraya Residences makes the outside a part of home.

Here are a few tips that can help you take charge of your life and live in new ways.

Pause and gain perspective. Many of us live on autopilot, going through our days controlled by habits and schedules and the business of survival. Carve out the space and time you need to step back and take a good look at your current life. You can journal or meditate. Reconnect with hobbies or activities you once enjoyed. Travel or seek out loved ones. Your goal is to hear yourself again so you can figure out what exactly it is that you want different.

Get clarity. Be clear on the life you want and why you want to have it. You want the vision to be clear so you can describe every detail; you want the reason to be so lucid it fires your soul. Write down a description of a day in your dream life, including how you feel as you live it.

Imagine you’re already there. Now that your vision is clear, spend time during the day imagining yourself already living it. To elevate the experience, do things that would suit who you are becoming. Is your dream to be an off-the-grid organic coffee farmer? Visit that organic farm, try that artisanal cafe with ethically sourced coffee, or replace your garden lighting with solar lamp lights for a start. Then go bigger.

“Imagining how you want to live your life is one thing,” says motivational author and speaker Susan C. Young, “but connecting your imagination to a visual representation will give you exactly the traction you need to make it a reality.”

A space to harness your imagination

With this, you will need a space where you can cultivate the power of your imagination. “Haraya” is an old Filipino word for “imagination.” And Shang Properties’ Haraya Residences is a call to reimagine possibilities. Located at the heart of Bridgetowne Estate in Pasig, Haraya Residences is designed to be a vertical gated village for a reimagined city lifestyle.

A room to work, play, and dream in: The Studio is a flexible workspace for collaborative work, workshops, and meetings.

Taking inspiration from Italian loggias, Haraya Residences has two towers featuring soaring views of the city, offering a sense of both privacy and freedom away from urban noise but not removed from cosmopolitan comforts.

Haraya Residences was designed for the modern era, understanding how we now live, interact, and unwind. With its world-class amenities, it provides residents with space to be productive and room to grow. The outdoors is over 2,500 square meters of green spaces and private nooks, with swimming pools and play areas for children. There is a jacuzzi and space for outdoor yoga under the trees.

Open, but intimate green spaces: At Haraya Residences, green spaces bring together privacy, community, and vibrant landscaping.

Meanwhile, indoor amenities include The Veranda, an indoor and alfresco event space; The Studio, a flexible and open creative workspace; and The Chef’s Kitchen, a cozy dining room with a fully integrated pantry that can be used for entertaining. There’s also a viewing room, playroom, library, game room, and a gym.

Lounge areas with the city as part of the venue: The Veranda is an event space that can host both an open-air affair or an intimate indoor party.

The two residential towers have well-appointed one-, two-, and three-bedroom suites, all with curvilinear interiors that are airy and full of natural light. The loggias are very much an extension of the living space, seamlessly merging the outdoors with the indoors.

Residential spaces that breathe: The residential units perfectly blend the outdoors with the indoors with expansive curvilinear windows and loggias.

Haraya Residences reimagines city living and understands that the city is as much home as is the suite, and some days, you need the windows wide open for the imagination to come in and for dreams to come true.

For inquiries, you may email [email protected] or call 0917-5-HARAYA. You can also visit

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