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Nico Bolzico and The Awakening of the #DoggoBulliedParentsClub

Published Aug 05, 2021 2:20 pm

At Nico Bolzico’s home, who’s the real boss? Nico? Or his dog Pochola? One look at Nico’s social media pages, though, and it’s clear that he’s not only a member of the Bullied Husbands Club but also the “Doggo Bullied Parents Club”.

The #DoggoBulliedParentsClub came about as Nico always does everything to pamper, spoil, and treat Pochola in numerous special ways just like any other paw-rent out there. And the one treat Pochola always asks, or should we say “demands”—from Nico are paw-fectly made products from Doggo Philippines. “Pochi is very picky when it comes to treats. But with Doggo PH, she loves them –especially the Jerky Treats and Dental Sticks”

In case you didn’t know, Doggo Philippines’ paw-fectly made products are perfect for paw-rents because they aid in caring for your pups without compromise. You can show love to your puppers with their quality, accessible, and affordable snacks, bath products, and accessories—like how celebrity fur-dad Nico Bolzico expresses his love for Pochola! “Pochi has been using Doggo shampoos for a while now and she has not been smelly ever since! It has tick protection too which is 100% WifeZilla and TiliBolz friendly too.”

  Nico gives Pochola her favorite Doggo treats – the Jerky Treats and Dental Sticks.

As the new lovable models of Doggo Philippines, Nico believes that your doggos should be treated like kings and queens, spoiling them with gifts and treats! We believe that every paw-rent shares an emotional attachment with their dogs, making them feel as though they’re a member of the family. As paw-rents, it’s a given that your dog’s happiness is also your happiness! “I’ve found the best quality of dog accessories! Doggo’s leashes, dog beds, and toys are paw-fectly made, even for a big doggo like Pochi!”

#DoggoBulliedParentsClub what?

The #DoggoBulliedParentsClub is a community of dog parents who share the same love and care for their dogs. One of the telltale signs you’re already part of the club without knowing it? You’re a responsible dog parent who occasionally spoils your fur babies with paw-fectly made products, and periodically submits to bossy and paw-cute four-legged creatures!

Looking for more signs to check if you’re actually a doggo bullied parent? Count how many times you’ll say yes to the following questions and find out!

  Doggo PH’s paw-fectly made products are paw-fectly made for Pochola and all other doggos in different sizes!

Do you often find your dog’s paw-cute eyes as a weakness?

Does your heart soften every time your dog approaches and asks for table food?

Can’t recall how many times you’ve given them dental sticks in a day?

Maybe your dog has more vitamins than you do?

Do you always tend to think twice before going out because no one’s going to look after your dog?

Does your monthly savings immediately go to spoiling your pups with Doggo treats, and accessories?

Lastly, are you willing to risk your life for your doggo’s happiness?

If you’ve said yes to at least one or two of these questions, congratulations, you’re probably already a member of the #DoggoBulliedParentsClub!

Watch out for the launch of the club’s Official Facebook Community this August 2021! You can join and share your doggo parent moments with Nico and everyone else!

Don’t miss out on this exciting launch! Find out who’s the real boss and get to know Nico and Pochola more this coming August.

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Editor's Note: This article was provided by Doggo Philippines