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Here’s where you can get fresh Christmas trees and wreaths

By Tanya Lara Published Nov 07, 2020 1:14 am Updated Dec 07, 2020 5:11 am

There’s nothing quite like the smell of Christmas in your home to lift your holiday spirit. And what, exactly, is the smell of Christmas? Fresh pine and fir trees of course!

Anytime I enter a room and I smell pine or fir trees, my mood quickly becomes better and I feel like a child again in my grandmother’s house. (She had a cypress tree when I was growing up and the smell was pine-like.)

We have different memories of Christmas that we hold in our hearts, and our relationship with this particular holiday evolves as we get older.

As children, it's all about ourselves and the gifts we receive; as adults, it’s about friends and sometimes being away from home and so nostalgia becomes a powerful emotion. As you get older and have your own family, it’s about making the holidays happy for someone else.

This little Christmas tree from Fig & Vine was really my only Christmas decor last year—and it was enough. 

I’ve seen friends—both single women and those with children—who go all out decorating their homes at Christmas. Every part of their home is lovely to look at, every part is Christmas.

And then there’s me. I haven’t decorated my house in 10 years—except for putting silver reindeer figures on coffee tables. It was kind of meh.

But last year, I got a fresh tabletop Christmas tree from Fig & Vine, and it made all the difference in the world—because of the smell. And it really made me smile every time I breathed into its scent.

For three weeks I misted the needles with water (it brings out the smell too) and the tree lasted till the second week of January (about four weeks in all) before the needles started to drop and turn dry.

Gema Garcia of Mabolo Flowers shared with PhilSTAR L!fe tips on caring for fir wreaths and garlands. (The shop begins delivery of Christmas trees and wreaths next week.)

Wreaths on doors and tables make for lovely holiday decor.

“Since these are fresh cut, they normally last the whole season with a little fading due to the fact that we are in the tropics and not in a cold winter,” Garcia said. “There is hardly any care when it comes to garlands, branches, wreaths, and other fresh cut Christmas foliage.”

Cut trees, however, need some TLC. “These are to be mounted in a bucket of clean water; make sure the bucket has been sterilized. Water level has to be maintained as cut trees drink quite a bit.”

Things to avoid: direct heat, sunlight, electric fan. “The cooler the area, the better. We also suggest not to fiddle too much on the items like cut flowers. Just enjoy them for the season!”

This year especially, Christmas is a time to bring back joy into our lives. Even a small tree can do that (but if you want to go big, there’s trees for that too!).

Here’s where you can buy fresh trees and wreaths to spruce up your home—and your holidays.

The Glass House Flowers

Mabolo Flowers 

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