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LIST: Useful gadgets to have in case of power outages

By AYIE LICSI Published Sep 12, 2022 5:10 pm

Whether it's during a strong typhoon or rotational brownouts, losing power is a major inconvenience as electricity is vital to our daily lives.

On Sept. 12, Meralco announced that those in the Luzon area can expect rotational power outages because of low power supply. The company raised a yellow alert (low electricity supply) from 9:01 am to 1 pm and 4:01 pm to 9 pm, as well as red alert (insufficient electricity supply) from 1 pm to 4 pm.  

And since we don't know how long until these outages might occur, PhilSTAR L!fe has rounded up some must-have gadgets to keep around the house in case you do lose electricity.

A trusty power bank will keep your mobile devices like phones, tablets, and laptops charged while the electricity is out. In addition, this nifty gadget can juice up USB-powered devices like fans and LED lights.

During brownouts, you're forced to rely on your mobile data for an internet connection because your modem/router needs to be plugged in for power. But a DC to USB cable lets you connect your modem/router to a power bank, so you can stay online even without electricity.

To keep the night bright, you'll also need rechargeable lamps and emergency lights, which you can get at any hardware store or online. It's best to get rechargeable models over ones that are battery-operated as you don't need to constantly stock up on batteries in case the juice runs out.

Your best bet to beat the heat is a rechargeable fan. Typically, these appliances have four hours of battery life and can be charged using your phone charger. 

In addition to these gadgets, you should also keep an emergency kit around the house, containing items like food, water, medicines, first aid, candles, matches, and a battery-operated radio.