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‘All of Us Are Dead’ and more: Here are 8 K-dramas and films to binge-watch if you haven’t moved on from the series

By Hannah Mallorca Published Feb 09, 2022 11:15 am

From Train to Busan to Netflix’s All of Us Are Dead, South Korea manages to outperform their zombie-themed media in every single frame.

There’s nothing new about seeing corpses brought to life in films and TV series. For starters, the old-school zombie genre has always been a common fixture in Korean media—with All of Us Are Dead in the spotlight. 

The teen thriller has it all: cute actors, stunning cinematography, heart-stopping plot twists, and the right amount of blood and violence to keep viewers on their toes. But if you’re looking for zombies, here are eight K-dramas and films you have to check out.

Kingdom seasons 1 and 2

Cast: Joo Jihoon, Ryu Seungryong, Bae Doona, Kim Sungkyu

Set during the Joseon Dynasty, the period series revolves around Crown Prince Lee Chang (Joo Jihoon) and his loyal subjects who are thrust into a political tug of war amid a zombie apocalypse. The outbreak started when a mysterious plague that resurrects the dead sweeps across the kingdom.

The plague was initially blamed on the mysterious resurrection plants, however, it turns out that an unidentified species of parasites were the cause. The spinoff miniseries Kingdom: Ashin of the North dives deeper into the plague’s cause itself.


Cast: Han Hyojoo, Park Hyungsik, Jo Woojin

The K-drama takes place in a post-COVID-19 society where the treatment drug “Next” caused another worldwide pandemic. People infected by the “mad person disease” or the Rita Virus fall into a zombie-like state where they experience bouts of bloodlust and insanity. Compared to COVID-19, the disease is not airborne—but is spread through scratches and bites. 

Series protagonist Yoon Saebom (Han Hyojoo) is brought into a research facility after being scratched by a trainee. However, it turns out that she’s immune to the disease.


Cast: Yeo Jingoo, Kim Kangwoo, Gong Seungyeon, Lee Gikwang

In 2007, a small family adopts and becomes fond of a female humanoid alien Byul (Gong Seungyeon). However, neuroscientist father Dr. Kim Kyuchul (Kim Joongki) takes her captive after discovering that she brought an advanced form of technology. The neuroscientist never returns home, leading twins Kim Woojin (Jung Jihoon) and Kim Bumgyun (Kim Yejoon) to have conflicting thoughts.

10 years later, neuroscience student Woojin (Yeo Jingoo) is investigating mysterious suicides in the university. Interestingly, the cases are connected to aliens like Byul.

The Wailing

Cast: Kwak Dowon, Hwang Jungmin, Chun Woohee

The critically acclaimed film tells the story of a mysterious Japanese man who unknowingly infects a small village. The infected victims assume a zombie-like state, violently kill their families, and die. Authorities later discovered that a naked, infected woman who murdered her family was raped by the Japanese stranger. They soon believe that he’s the cause of the infections and is a ghost.

Sweet Home

Cast: Song Kang, Lee Jinwook, Lee Siyoung

Horror series Sweet Home follows suicidal student Cha Hyunsoo (Song Kang) who moves into an apartment after his family was killed. Soon after, his home was interrupted after a swarm of monsters attacked the city. Aside from Hyunsoo, residents who are trapped in the apartment building team up to survive the apocalypse. In the middle of the series, he becomes a superpowered being after gaining the powers of the infected.

Sweet Home reminds viewers of All of Us Are Dead since it revolves around a group of trapped survivors who bond in hiding, however, the group includes people of different age groups.


Cast: Yoo Ahin, Park Shinhye

The 2020 film revolves around avid gamer Oh Joonwoo (Yoo Ahin) who gets trapped alone in his apartment when a mysterious disease hits the city. He’s forced to use his video game skills as infected individuals attack and eat the uninfected. Feeling hopeless, Joonwoo was about to commit suicide when he meets Kim Yoobin (Park Shinhye).

Dark Hole

Cast: Kim Okbin, Lee Joonhyuk

An underrated, but a must-watch gem. Dark Hole follows a group of survivors who fight to stay alive when a peculiar black smoke turns people into cannibalistic mutants. The zombies in the series take on a form of a superpowered being, but just as bloody and animalistic. As the zombie apocalypse intensifies, Lee Hwasun (Kim Okbin) and Yoo Taehan (Lee Joonhyuk) race against time to figure out the origins of the black smoke.

The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale

Cast: Jung Jaeyoung, Kim Namgil, Uhm Jiwon, Lee Sookyung

The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale is proof that a zombie series can be fun. The K-drama revolves around a family that makes money off a zombie they discovered on a pharmaceutical company. Their exploit turns strange to bad immediately when the elderly father gets bitten by the walking corpse.