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From classic board games to high-tech gears, here's what you can do at Gamefest 2023

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Aug 04, 2023 11:50 am

When it comes to games, people are often at war between the classics, what's hot, and what's trending. But at Gamefest 2023, you can experience it all at once.

Gamefest 2023 highlights a harmonious fusion of past and future in the world of gaming that can bring about an enjoyable time for gaming enthusiasts.

The event, which takes place from Aug. 3 to 6 at the Glorietta Activity Center, is divided into two parts: Cyber City and Retro District. Cyber City showcases the latest and greatest in gaming technology, while Retro District takes you back to the golden age of gaming.

Here are the attractions you can try out at the event:

Cyber City

Cyber City is all about the wonder and magnificence of the future, putting the spotlight on next-level game consoles and high-tech gear that will have you fueled with the excitement of how games will further evolve from here on out.

The section's main highlight is a new augmented reality esports experience called HADO, where you'll be challenged regarding your skills in athleticism and strategy.

Here you can play with a group of three to six players in structured free-play sessions, guided by expert facilitators from HADO.

The gameplay involves you being equipped with energy balls and shields, which you must use for offensive and defensive tactics to achieve victory over your opponents.

If you'd rather play games the traditional way—with a TV screen in front and a controller in your hands—then Gamefest also has a so-called Digital Den where you can play video games such as Resident Evil, Tekken 7, and Mario, on consoles like the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5.

While you can't go wrong with these state-of-the-art games, another great source of fun and good times are board games, and the Gaming Library has plenty of them. From card games that will test your wit to games where the last person standing wins, there's one for you.

Some of the items they have are Catapult Feud, Stick Stack, Herd Mentality, Red Flags, and more.

You may also find yourself at the Craftsman's Corner. Here, you can have your portraits turned into a video game caricature by talented artists. What a cool souvenier!

Speaking of creativity, the Central Processing Unit is also an attraction that you wouldn't want to miss if you're looking for some inspiration for your gaming setup at home.

Gamefest has partnered with IKEA to organize an exhibit featuring meticulously designed gaming corner setups to teach you a thing or two about style and functionality.

The furniture also has price tags that you can check if you're considering adding them to your shopping cart.

And if you want to save a memory from your time at the event, you can do so at the Hall of Photo. Here, you can take lots of content against the holographic photo wall. 

Retro District

From the name itself, the Retro District will have you time-traveling back to the past through its attractions that pay homage to the golden era of gaming.

Of course, when we say retro gaming, there is only one thing that pops up in everybody's minds, and that's arcade games.

If you're missing the magic of playing iconic arcade games that may be old but will forever stay gold, then you can make your way to Arcade Avenue where you can have your fill of old-school classics. The games range from 3D games, fighting, action, shooting, sports, and puzzles.

One attraction that we tried is the Pixels & Power-ups, which is a sort of chance-based board game where you must roll the dice and move forward to reach the finish line.

But the twist is that you'll be the one to move on the board and use a humongous dice. Aim to land on one of the lucky spots to earn a gift!

With such energizing attractions, there's a high chance that you'll eventually get tired. If this happens, just head straight over to the Merchant's Guild Market and get yourself some delightful mocktails and customized energy drinks to recharge your gaming spirit. 

Aside from this, there's also a section where you can purchase board games and Funko Pop figures in case you want to add some to your collection.

Participation in Gamefest 2023 is made accessible through the Citizen Passport. Obtain one in three simple ways: with a single receipt worth P2,000, by accumulating receipts of P2,000 or more (maximum of three receipts per person), or by presenting a single receipt of P4,000 and above to receive two passports.

Receipts should be from Glorietta stores and merchants, excluding department stores, drug stores, banking, and bill payments.