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This AI calculator can predict when you'll die with 'extreme accuracy'

By Harold Lemon Tubiano Published Dec 22, 2023 2:54 pm

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to surprise us with all the wonders it can do—engaging in humanlike conversations, creating visual art, composing music, and now, predicting when you'll die.

While humans don't know how long they have to live, a new AI calculator, called Life2vec, can foresee the course of our lives with an eerie level of accuracy. 

How it works is it uses an algorithm that can predict a person's exact time of death through the analysis of data and personal information.

With these data, the software can sum up the life expectancy of any person by closely examining different factors like professions, income, medical records, and pregnancy history. Life2vec is believed to have 78% accuracy.

This invention was based on a study of data from 6 million Danish people where findings were published in a research study titled  "Using sequences of life-events to predict human lives" by a group of researchers and professors from the Technical University of Denmark.

“This model can predict almost anything,” Lead author Sune Lehmann told the New York Post. 

Lehmann explained that they use the technology behind ChatGPT to "analyze human lives by representing each person as the sequence of events that happens in their life." 

Unlike ChatGPT, this model utilizes the user's information to determine how long you’ll live, rather than to compose sentences.

Not only this tool can tell when you're going to die, but it can also determine how much wealth you’ll have before the end of your life. 

During its development, the results generated by the model were not disclosed to the participants to protect the privacy of those involved in the research.

”The predictions are not used for anything,” Lehmann insisted. “The point of the life2vec is to understand what’s possible — and not possible — to predict.”

The prober added that the bot will not be used to make judgments against individuals once it has made its rollout to the general public such as in writing insurance policies and making hiring decisions.

While it is anticipated to make an insane market move, Life2vec is yet to be available for the public to use.