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HBO Max working on Green Lantern series, possibly female Lantern in lead role

By Argie Aguja Published Nov 03, 2020 3:36 am

A Green Lantern series is currently in the works at HBO Max, and sources say that the studio is casting a woman of color to be the new main character.

A report published by The Direct said that the Green Lantern role would be black and female, possibly named “Bree Jarta.” It is still unclear if this "Bree Jarta" is a codename for the character or the actual name of the lead in the series.

This new character will be “half-human and half-alien to a human father and alien mother, having grown up in an advanced alien society on another planet. She is also described as being extremely committed and hardworking to earn her Green Lantern ring, wanting to uphold the values that the Green Lantern Corps stands for.”

If this is true, having a half-alien protagonist will be an interesting twist for the upcoming project as Lantern storylines traditionally follow human protagonists sporting the Green Lantern Power Ring.

Sources also revealed that “Bree Jarta” will be paired with fellow Green Lantern Guy Gardner, hinting “there may be some friction between the two vastly different personalities.”

The new project will focus on a diverse range of Lantern characters that include Gardner, Alan Scott, Jessica Cruz, and Simon Baz, as well as fan favorites Sinestro and Kilowog.

DC Entertainment and writer/producer Marc Guggenheim likened the project to a TV program that had the production values of a feature film.

“You've got to look at it with a different tempo than you would have in a two-hour movie. That being said, certainly the show for HBO Max that we're all working on, we are approaching it with the production ambitions of a movie. So we're writing it like a TV show but we're hoping to produce it like a film," Guggenheim said.