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Wonder Woman 1984 trailer features clash with Cheetah

By Kara Santos Published Aug 24, 2020 12:00 am

Yesterday’s DC Fandome dropped a tonload of news on various films, video games, comic books and other tidbits on the DC Universe. Fans finally got a look at the main trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 posted on Sunday, August 23 (Manila time) including a dramatic clash with new villain Cheetah played by Kristen Wiig.

Starring Gal Gadot in the title role, Wonder Woman 1984 directed by Patty Jenkins is Warner Bros. Pictures’ follow up to the DC record-breaking Wonder Woman released in 2017, which raked in $822 million at the worldwide box office.

The sequel jumps to the '80s, decades after the events of the first film. We see Diana (Gal Gadot) reuniting with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and facing off against new supervillains Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) and Barbara Minerva aka The Cheetah (Kristen Wiig).

The two-minute 23-second long video clip gives fans a longer look look at the mysterious Cheetah in action, including a one-on-one showdown between her and Wonder Woman. We see her dressed in a retro animal print leather jacket and later resembling a full-blown feline human hybrid and dishing out "apex predator" moves against Wonder Woman.

"Barbara, what did you do?" utters the Amazonian superhero before she casts off the metallic wings of her Golden Eagle Armor.

I admit, I thought at first it would be hard to take Cheetah seriously, as Wiig is known mostly for her hilarious sketches on Saturday Night Live (SNL), playing iconic roles like Target Lady and serial one-upper Penelope, as well as eccentric characters in ensemble comedies like Bridesmaids and Ghostbusters. But the brief trailer shows that the actress can portray a serious supervillain in her own right as well as she can bust out the parody impressions.

Less screentime is given to Maxwell Lord, but from what we know of comic book lore, the Game of Thrones and Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal plays a shrewd and powerful businessman antagonist who wants to bring superheroes and metahumans under his exclusive control.

The trailer also features a lot of touching moments between Diana and Steve, who seem to have taken their relationship up a notch since we last saw them together.

In an Instagram post, Gadot claimed that this film brings a "new era of Wonder Woman" to the big screen: "We’ve been so dedicated to bringing you another amazing chapter of Wonder Woman’s story. It’s bigger, grander, with every detail perfected. We busted our butts off for this film and we want to thank you, the fans, for your patience. And we can’t wait to share it all with you in theaters. Until then, enjoy the second trailer!"

The original release date of Wonder Woman 1984 in June 2020 was pushed back because of the coronavirus pandemic. It's currently slated for an October 2020 release date in the US, with no official announcement yet on when it will be screened in the Philippines.

(Images from Warner Brothers)