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Nostalgic ‘Gremlins’ ad for Mountain Dew reunites Zach Galligan and Gizmo

By Kara Santos Published Feb 16, 2021 11:27 pm

Original Gremlins star Zach Galligan reunites with his furry mogwai companion Gizmo in a new commercial for Mountain Dew Zero Sugar, almost four decades after the original movie.

Gremlins’ Billy Peltzer, was played by Zach Galligan opposite Phoebe Cates in the cult classic original Gremlins(1984) and its sequelGremlins 2: The New Batch(1990). Howie Mandel,who voiced Gizmo in the comedy-horror film, also returns to bring the cute critter to life.

Thirty seven years after the release of the first film, both Billy and Gizmo are looking grayer and older, but aren't necessarily wiser when it comes to proper mogwai care and following the rules.

The commercial released by Mountain Dew on Monday (Feb. 15) shows Billy offering Gizmo a sip of the soda. "It is tasty. And just as good as the original without any sugar," Galligan, now 57, says in the adhanding Gizmo the bottle. "Be careful."

Gizmo then adorably chugs the drink, and predictably goes berserk spawning a bunch of tiny hairballs from his backside while repeatedly shouting "Too tasty!"

The scene seems like an everyday occurence for Billy’s daughter, who resembles an older Wednesday Addams and has her own mogwai buddy with a punk hairdo on her shoulder. “As good as the original, maybe even better,” reads the tagline.

"Gizmo’s all grown up. But that doesn’t mean he can resist a tiiiiiny sip of MTN DEW ZERO SUGAR (and neither should you)," the soda brand captioned the commercial on YouTube.

Check out the nostalgic 30-second ad below.

(Images by Mountain Dew)