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Change your point of view with Samsung Neo QLED and OLED TVs

By KATHY MORAN, The Philippine STAR Published May 25, 2023 1:00 pm

One of the effects of the work-from-home years was that people turned on their TVs—even more. Sure, TV watching has always been a major part of our lives—but the recent years made watching our screens so much more important and fulfilling, especially when we spent that time bonding with the entire family.

With the family spending more time at home, television was a great companion for everyone, young and old, to escape into or to discover new passions for films and home cinema, and even for gaming. Overall, we looked to movies, series, documentaries, sports, news—or whatever else was on–and felt connected to the world, and to each other. It was the rectangular box that Pinoys gravitated to with a loving passion, and it continues to be.

It was not just couch-potato series bingeing—we all followed along as we loaded our screens with programs for guided workouts, yoga, and cooking, and even made sure that it had a good “karaoke” system so that we could sing as well.

Bring the cinema home

Recently, it was declared by DOH that the COVID days are behind us. We hope so, and sigh in relief as life returns to normal. 

So what has changed in our TV-viewing habits? What do viewers look for in a television? 

“Filipinos are keen on picture quality. They want their TV-watching experience to be more life-like,” said Mahir Al-Rubah, Head of AV Product Marketing for Samsung. “Next to that is sound. Since Pinoys love movies and karaoke—they love good sound. So they want a TV that has not only the best picture quality but also cinematic sound quality.”

Let’s play games: Have fun and stay in control when you start gaming with the Samsung OLED

Samsung has been consistent as the global leader in TVs and soundbars and it continues to change the game in 2023 with the intro of their Neo QLED and Samsung OLED TVs.

The pandemic years were spent wisely by Samsung in furthering its commitment to providing the best viewing experience as it developed products designed to bring more “wow” than ever to home entertainment.

Samsung continues to revolutionize the home entertainment scene with its ever-evolving lineup of innovative products.

The newest generation of screens redefines premium-viewing experiences and sets the standard for Filipino entertainment lovers. 

Standard setting 

Samsung’s flagship Neo QLED 8K—with unparalleled picture quality and mind-blowing audio—is a game changer. 

At the Neo QLED 8K TV’s core is the Quantum Mini LED, which enhances clarity and reduces blooming to bring out the finer details of every scene. At 1/40th the size of a conventional LED, this state-of-the-art technology provides stunning images with greater contrast.

Seeing and hearing is believing: Samsung Neo QLED 8k changes the TV-Watching adventure with its never seen before picture quality coupled with its mind-blowing audio.

Samsung taps artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the 8K resolution viewing experience. 8K AI Upscaling uses Samsung’s neural analyzer to choose from 64 networks to offer better texture, finer edges, richer details, and less noise. Real Depth Enhancer Pro’s “deep learning” understands where our eyes are focused to bring more life-like details.

Samsung also brings the magic of AI to the audio experience. Q-Symphony 3.0 and 8K AI Remastering optimizes sound based on the room condition and audio content. The result is sound quality just as the creators intended, delivered through a Samsung audio experience with Dolby Atmos.

The Samsung Neo QLED is the new standard of entertainment. Its foundation is Quantum Matrix Technology, which improves backlight intensity to reveal details unseen in competing display features. Deep learning applies high dynamic range effects per scene for brighter highlights, clearer details, and vibrant colors.

A different view 

Gamers will have a field day with Samsung’s OLED as it takes play to the next level. Powered by 4K AI Upscaling with a 144Hz refresh rate to showcase videos and games with vivid details, the newest addition to the Samsung TV lineup offers top-notch playing and viewing experiences.

Gamers also get full control with the Game Bar 3.0 which gives players instant access to key game settings, such as aspect ratio and frames per second. Also for the first time on an OLED TV, Samsung OLEDs come with AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro certification for the ultimate OLED gaming experience.

Perceptional Color-Mapping Technology uses real-time AI analysis to create perfect color expressions, validated by Pantone. Quantum HDR OLED then fine-tunes the brightness and contrast per pixel for deeper blacks and more brilliant highlights. The Samsung OLED also offers sound like never before with Q-Symphony 3.0 and Object Tracking Sound with Dolby Atmos.

As I walked around the Samsung showroom set up at Gallery by Chele, I was amazed at what I was seeing on the Neo QLED and Samsung OLED on display. 

Pictures were so lifelike I had to turn the sound down and look away so that I could listen attentively to Al-Rubah.

“My mom follows her exercise class on the TV,” said Al-Rubah. “On the weekends, I keep the sports channel on and get my fill of shows.” He added, “There is always something interesting for anyone on the TV—that is why its cinematic features are truly great.”

I didn’t need convincing—seeing was believing, right? And I loved what I saw—it sounded perfect, too.

Wowed, I was. 

* * * 

Ongoing until May 21, Samsung has premium goods for early orders. With a purchase of any Neo QLED or Samsung OLED TV, get a Dolby Atmos Soundbar and 1-year Disney+ Premium Access—everything you need to achieve perfect cinematic experience. 

For information, visit or any authorized Samsung dealer.

* * *

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