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Jabra Elite 3 review: The budget earbuds that could convince you to go wireless

By SAAB LARIOSA Published Nov 22, 2021 8:37 pm

Are you still on team wired earphones? It could be time for a change.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit late on the wireless earbuds game. When Apple first started rolling the Airpods in 2016, it become more of a meme than a necessity, and my college self wasn't open to shelling out money when my wired earphones worked just fine.

Fast forward to today, and almost everything has gone wireless. From computer accessories to home appliances, wireless is becoming the wave of the future that's proven to be hassle-free. One click of your device's Bluetooth settings and you're already connected to your mouse, keyboard, and more. 

If you're still unsure if you're ready to shell out big money for quality wireless earbuds, enter the Jabra Elite 3, Jabra's cheapest wireless earbuds to date.  After making a name for themselves with entries like the more expensive Elite 75t, Jabra is catering to a lower price point with a product that still packs a punch.

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Here's what you need to know about the Jabra Elite 3 before making the plunge to wireless:

Inclusions and specs

The Jabra Elite 3 comes with the physical Earbuds, 3 sets of EarGels™, a charging case, USB-C to USB-A cable, warranty, and warning leaflets. Make sure to keep your EarGels for future use, as it also comes in three different sizes to cater to ear size.

It also comes in 6mm speakers and delivers calls with 4-microphone call technology, a class-leading music equalizer, and the inclusion of Qualcomm aptX.

Available colors include Dark Grey, Navy, Lilac, and Light Beige.


The earbuds boast a continuous 7-hour battery life when fully charged, with a 28-hour life when paired with the charging case. The earbuds came to me with a 60% battery life, and I proceeded to charge it until 100% on Saturday, Nov. 20.

I've since used it in Discord calls, Zoom meetings, and general music-listening ever since, and as of Monday night, it stands at a steady 80%. 

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Controls and comfort

As opposed to the Airpods' invisible touch sensors, the Jabra Elite 3 has physical buttons on each of its earbuds.

How this registers will depend on the user, but I personally prefer having the tactile feel of pressing down on something when changing a song or even lowering the volume. However, a small disadvantage is that the Elite 3 doesn't have an auto-pause when you remove the buds.

Size-wise, the earbuds stand a little bigger than a 1-peso coin at 0.79in x 0.82in x 1.07in. With Jabra's patented EarGels, it also has a snug feel - which is always a bonus for comfort. I wore it once during a workout, and it didn't fall off through the high-paced exercises.

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The Elite 3 comes with a price tag of P4,795 on Shopee and Lazada. Before you run for the hills, take note that that's already an exception amid Jabra's other selections, such as their Elite Active 75t priced at P8,499 and their Elite 85t at P10,999.

Though it might not be the lowest budget price out there, it's already a good deal considering Jabra's history of proven quality sound.


Now the reason we really go for any kind of earbud brand: how it sounds.

With Jabra long priding itself as a bass-heavy earbud, the Elite 3 is no exception. There's definitely a lifted bass when compared to other brands, and it also houses Qualcomm aptX, an audio coded designed to improve Bluetooth sound quality.

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However, another small disadvantage is that it doesn't have a noise cancellation feature, so you'll still get somewhat distracted when working.

If you're just looking for something for casual listening, the Elite 3 won't disappoint.

Bonus: Jabra app

Another handy feature is the Jabra Sound+ app that you can download to accompany your purchase. The app comes with presets to select what to prioritize when listening to music, battery percentages, and also where you can apply for a 2-year warranty for the product.

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If you're looking for a solid introduction into the hassle-free world of wireless music, the Jabra Elite 3 is something that has all the essentials down. Though it's not as rich in bass or has the features of Jabra's other more expensive offerings, casual listeners will still appreciate the Elite 3 for its long battery life, solid sound quality, and easy controls.

Whether it be for you or a Christmas gift to someone, the earbuds branded as Jabra's "cheapest" won't feel cheap at all.