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LIST: 10 new shows you can binge-watch this July 2023

By Mica Rodriguez Published Jul 17, 2023 8:00 am

Looking for new series to watch this month?

July could mean more rainy days and nights, but there's no need to fret because there are new shows that could keep you entertained as you stay cooped up indoors.

From slice-of-life comedies to continuations of action-packed thrillers you enjoyed watching in the past, here are some offerings that could be your next TV/streaming binge.

Shadow Detective Season 2

Status: Now streaming on Disney+

Starring: Lee Seung-min, Kyung Soo-jin, Lee Hak-joo. Kim Shin-rok, and Jung Jin-young

Who misses Kim Taek-rok (Lee Seung-min)? The beloved detective is back for more action and discoveries in the second season of Shadow Detective.

In the finale episode of its first installment, we witnessed how he beat the villain Kook Jin-Han (played by Jin Goo) in a dramatic way. Just when our protagonist thought things were starting to get better, he receives another mysterious phone call from a “friend.” With additional characters to root for or loathe, we're sure the loyal viewers of this series are thrilled about this comeback! Are you ready to play this deadly game again?

Fit Check: Confessions of An Ukay Queen

Status: Now streaming on Prime Video

Starring: Kim Chiu, Angel Aquino, Kylie Verzosa, Jake Ejercito, Christopher de Leon, Kaladkaren, Justin Luzares, Frenchie Dy, Lie Reposposa, and Liza Lorena

Kim Chiu in a comedy series? How does that sound? The Pinoy Big Brother alum is the lead star of the first Amazon Prime Originals series produced in the Philippines.

Titled Fit Check: Confessions of An Ukay Queen, the show follows Melanie Dela Cruz (Kim Chiu), an ukay-ukay (second-hand clothes) vendor who also dreams of becoming a fashion designer one day. Eventually, she will get exposed to the harsh realities of the fashion industry. This new series could inspire a lot of dreamers out there to pursue their passion and also learn to be cautious with the people they meet.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2

Status: Now streaming on Prime Video

Starring: Lola Tung, Christopher Briney, and Gavin Casalegno

Belly Conklin always looked forward to visiting Cousins Beach, her favorite place in the world. Now that Conrad and Jeremiah are fighting over her attention and the relapse of Susannah's cancer, she thinks that this summer will be different. An unexpected guest arrives and frightens the ownership of Susannah's house, which will push Belly to make some important decisions.

Not Others

Status: Streaming on ENA and Genie TV starting July 17

Starring: Jeon Hye-jin, Choi Soo-young (Girls Generation), Ahn Jae-wook, and Park Sung-hoon

Mothers and daughters don’t always have a smooth-sailing relationship. Not Others (a.k.a. Strangers) explores the dynamics of a single mom who gives birth to a beautiful baby in her teenage years and raises her on her own. Just like any other mother-daughter relationship, the two often bicker about the simplest things. One day, they meet two men—a charming doctor and a good-looking fellow officer—who would spice up their lives and make things a whole lot more interesting.

Sweet Magnolias Season 3

Status: Streaming on Netflix on July 20

Starring: Joanna García Swisher, Heather Headley, Brooke Elliott, and Justin Bruening

Love Sweet Magnolias? In its third season, protagonists Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue are faced with brand new challenges related to their families and their relationships with the people that are dear to them. 

Longing for You

Status: Streaming on ENA and Genie TV starting July 26

Starring: Na In-woo, Kim Ji-eun, Kwon Yul, and Choi Mingi (REN of NU’EST)

Na In-woo is back! This time, he plays Detective Oh Jin-seong in the upcoming murder mystery drama Longing for You.

Detective Oh Jin-seong was transferred to a special investigation team in the countryside, where a series of mysterious murders occurred. While at it, he is also on a mission to avenge his younger brother’s sudden death. Will he ever solve the case and, most importantly, discover the truth behind his sibling's demise?

The Witcher Season 3, Volume 2

Status: Streaming on Netflix on July 27

Starring: Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, and Freya Allen

Geralt (Henry Cavill) and Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) were brought together by destiny, but uncontrollable forces are driven to keep them apart. In The Witcher Season 3, Volume 2, the duo will try their best to protect Ciri (Freya Allan). Expect a chaotic, but exciting third installment!

D.P. Season 2

Status: Streaming on Netflix starting July 28

Starring: Jung Hae-in, Koo Kyo-hwan, Kim Sung-kyun, and Son Suk-ku

One of the highly anticipated K-drama comebacks of the year is the second season of the military defector series D.P. Soldiers An Jun-ho (Jun Hae-in) and Han Ho-hyeol (Koo Kyo-hwan) are back with another nerve-wracking adventure. Away from the military camp, An Jun-ho leaves his unit despite the fact that he has 500 days left for his mandatory service. What will happen to our protagonists?

The Uncanny Counter 2: Counterpunch

Status: Streaming on tvN, TVING, and Netflix starting July 29

Starring: Jo Byung-gyu, Yu Jun-sang, Kim Se-jeong, and Yum Hye-ran with Jin Seon-kyu, Kang Ki-young, Kim Hieora, and Yoo In-soo

Craving noodles—with some action on the side? The red tracksuit-wearing employees of Eonni Noodles are back for the second season of The Uncanny Counter, which garnered a cult following in late 2020.

Expect more fun scenes and sequences with new characters that will make the show more entertaining—and don’t forget to stock up on some ramyeon!

My Lovely Liar

Status: Streaming on Viu starting July 31

Starring: Kim So-hyun and Hwang Minhyun

Of course, we will end this list with a promising fantasy romance drama!

In My Lovely Liar, female lead Mok Sol-hee (played by Kim So-hyun) has the ability to determine if people are telling the truth or not. Because of her special power, she finds it hard to trust anyone.

Later on, she will meet Kim Do-ha (played by Hwang Minhyun), a mysterious musician who was accused of being the prime suspect in a murder case. Nobody believes him when he claims that he is innocent. As the two meet, will they be able to help each other out and solve the murder case? And will love get in the way?