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Attention BTS ARMY: BT21 Tamagotchi releases later this year

By Mica Rodriguez Published May 21, 2021 5:28 pm

Owning a Tamagotchi pet was a dream for many kids in the late ’90s. You either have rich parents who can afford it, or you asked for this as a Christmas present as reward for doing well in school.

If you happen to be an ARMY or a Unistar (fans of BT21, the animated characters created by BTS in collaboration with Line Friends), you now have the opportunity to make your childhood dreams come true by owning a BT21 Digital Pet.

BT21 officially confirmed through their social media accounts that BT21 Tamagotchi will be available later this year!

The BT21 Tamagotchi eggs will be available in two versions: the Space color version (blue exterior with yellow buttons) with the regular BT21 characters and the Baby style version (yellow exterior with blue colors) with the BT21 Baby characters.

As of this writing, there are no specific details yet on its special features. If we will base it on the initial images released through Bandai’s official website, you will need to take good care of the cute BT21 character of your choice. If you know the personalities of these characters well, you will have an idea about their favorite food, hobbies, and what they despise.

Top, from left: Chimmy (puppy) , RJ (alpaca), Tata (alien), and Van (robot). Bottom, from left: Koya (koala), Shooky (cookie), Mang (Pony), and Cooky (bunny).

Get to know the BT21 members more by watching their introductory video!

KOYA – A sleepy koala who is actually a genius. A literal dreamer. Created by BTS RM.

RJ – A kind, fluffy alpaca who loves to cook and do mukbangs (eating shows). Created by BTS JIN

SHOOKY – A small but strong-willed cookie who hates milk the most. Created by BTS SUGA.

MANG – A mysterious dancing pony with a mask on. Created by BTS J-HOPE.

CHIMMY – An orphaned puppy wearing yellow jumpers who loves to play the harmonica. Created by BTS Jimin.

TATA – A heart-shaped alien who wants to prove to the world the love is achieved not by magic, but with effort. He “recruited” all the BT21 members because he wants to spread love like his idol group, BTS. Created by BTS V.

COOKY – A tough pink bunny who loves to work out. Created by BTS Jungkook.

VAN – A space robot that protects BT21. Created by BTS to represent the BTS ARMY.

So, who among the BT21 members would you like to take good care of as your digital pet?

BT21 Tamagotchi is now available for pre-order in Japan (¥2,530) and South Korea (₩29,800) only. The estimated release date is September 2021.

(Images from BT21 and BANDAI [JP and KR])