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Trailer for ‘Y: The Last Man’ TV series adaptation is finally here

By Kara Santos Published Aug 06, 2021 3:33 pm Updated Aug 06, 2021 3:40 pm

The long-awaited adaptation of the post-apocalyptic Vertigo comics series Y: The Last Man finally has a trailer. The series is expected to arrive on FX on Hulu next month.

The first trailer, which FX unveiled on Thursday (August 5), shows the gruesome fall of man following a cataclysmic event that decimates every mammal with a Y chromosome.

Based on the Vertigo comics series of the same name by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, Y: The Last Man traverses a grim world where the only survivors of global androcide are one man, Yorick Brown (Ben Schnetzer), and Ampersand, his pet Capuchin monkey. 

The series comes 13 years since the Eisner-award winning comic book series ended its run. The comics were originally published from 2002 through 2008 in sixty issues by Vertigo and collected in a series of ten paperback volumes.

The television series adaptation follows the survivors in this new world as they struggle with their efforts to restore what was lost and the opportunity to build something better.

Y: The Last Man has faced over a decade of delays and setbacks including shifts in casting and a halt in production due to COVID-19. 

Ben Schnetzer (The Book Thief, Happy Town) plays the “reproductively interesting” last man standing who must team with “hungry, angry, terrified” women survivors to rebuild the world.

The series also features Diane Lane (Justice League) as the President of the United States (and Yorick’s mother), Ashley Romans (NOS4A2) as Agent 355, Olivia Thirlby (Dredd) as Yorick’s sister Hero, Amber Tamblyn as Kimberly, Marin Ireland and more.

It’s up to the new world order of women to figure out why Yorick lived, what killed all the other men, and figure out a way to ensure humanity’s collective survival.

“Somewhere is the answer to how all of this happened and how we fix it,” says Ashley Roman’s Agent 355 right before she encounters Yorick.

The first two episodes are written by showrunner Eliza Clark and directed by Louise Friedberg. 

Fittingly, all episodes of the series first season are directed by women and the production has a significant number of female department heads, including both DPs, the production designer, costume designer, casting director, editors and stunt coordinator.

The FX Productions project is produced by Clark, Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson of Color Force, along with Nellie Reed. Mari Jo Winkler-Ioffreda, Vaughan and Melina Matsoukas are executive producers.

Check out the trailer, which recreates some powerful images from the comic books, below.

Y: The Last Man is set to debut on FX on Hulu on September 13, 2021.

(Images by FX on Hulu)