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The funniest answers to the viral "Signs na rich yung family sa kabilang cottage?" post

By NICK GARCIA Published Mar 22, 2023 8:02 pm

Filipinos have a penchant for using social media a lot, and in doing so, they tend to memeify a lot of issues.

Such memeifying happened recently as the Facebook page called So Yummy Talaga, which boasts of over a million followers randomly asked, "Signs na Rich yung family sa kabilang COTTAGE?" 

Many netizens took to the comments section to show their wit and humor, as the post amassed over 62,000 reactions (mostly Haha), 45,000 comments, and 72,000 shares.

Volunteering to answer its own question, the page said it's when the family is using American outdoor recreation brand Coleman as an ice box instead of the usual styrofoam cooler (that Pinoys tend to wrap with packaging tape).

For another user, it's when the kids in the family are speaking English.

The country has the tendency to measure intelligence through fluency in the English language, as English prevails as the predominant medium of instruction. A World Bank report last 2022 stated that nine out of 10 Filipino children struggled to read simple texts.

University of the Philippines Diliman's Oscar Serquiña Jr. also previously said that language is being used as a marker of class divide.

In line with this observation, another social media user said that when the family members say "No, don't go there," it's an indication of being well-off.

Another user, meanwhile, said it's when the family uses American plastic container brand Tupperware, instead of recycled ice cream tubs as many Filipino households do.

When the family travels with an elderly member in a wheelchair, was also one of the supposed indicators of richness according to another user.

Basic wheelchairs in the Philippines can cost as low as P3,000 and as high as P70,000 depending on the features.

A more descriptive user also opined: "pag walang lasing na nakahubad, basa ang katawan at namumula ang mga mata habang kumakanta sa videoke." Such elements are almost always present during street festivities.

Speaking of festivities, another user said it's when the family's liquor of choice are Tennessee whiskey brand Jack Daniel's or Scotch whisky brand Johnnie Walker Black Label—not the local brandy Emperador Light or beer Red Horse.

Online liquor store Boozy prices show that Jack Daniel's 700mL is worth P1,399 and 1L worth P1,899. Johnnie Walker Black Label 1L costs P1,449.

Emperador Light 1L is worth P239, while a Red Horse 330mL pack of six cans costs P399 and a case of 24 cans cost P1,349. Prices are even cheaper in wholesale garages or sari-sari stores.