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Celebrating local creators: A look at the winners of Tiktok Awards Philippines 2021

By Hannah Mallorca Published Jul 05, 2021 10:09 pm

Content is more than just gaining followers and clout on social media. It’s about creating something that engages your audience. And that’s what the winners of this year’s Tiktok Awards Philippines have done.

The first-ever Tiktok Awards Philippines was held on Sunday, July 4, and featured the best of local creators on the platform. It was an explosion of talent, fun content, and iconic moments for fans to remember. The virtual show also featured performances from Maris Racal, Rico Blanco, and Moira Dela Torre, among others. 

If you missed out on last night’s virtual event, here’s a look at the winners:

Top Creator Award

Among last night’s biggest winners are energetic siblings Ranz and Niana who brought home the Top Creator Award. Dubbed as the “world’s most ultimate #SiblingGoals,” this dynamic duo is known for their dance covers that sometimes feature their little sis Natalia.

Top Celebrity Award

The gorgeous Andrea Brillantes is one of the recipients of the prestigious Top Celebrity Award. Her Tiktok page features beauty tutorials and recommendations, parodies, funny lip-syncs, and occasional dance covers. We still can’t get over her posts where she pokes fun at her iconic teleserye character Marga Mondragon. 

Actress and talented dancer Sanya Lopez also received the Top Celebrity Award in last night’s show. She’s known for heating the dance floor with her slick moves. If you’re in the mood for something lighthearted, you can check out her hilarious lip-sync videos that are so relatable. 

Five-member boy group SB19 and their fandom A’TIN proved their power as they received the award as well. This talented group’s Tiktok is a safe space for them to interact with their fans. Talk about a heartwarming way of fan service!

Top Talent Award

Of course, you can’t leave talent out of the equation in a platform like Tiktok. The winners Marvin Fojas, Zendee, and Yanyan De Jesus showed why they paved the way for local creators to showcase their skills.

Yanyan De Jesus’s Tiktok is the perfect place to be if you’re looking for a little bit of everything online. His page features dance covers, lip-syncs, and roleplays where you just want to nod your head because you can also relate. 

It’s impossible to enjoy the local Tiktok scene if you haven’t stumbled upon Zendee’s posts at some point. She’s one of the funniest creators on the platform today, as her lip-sync and energetic reaction videos will always make you tear up in laughter. 

Aksayado yarn?” What makes Marvin Fojas’ Tiktok a standout from his peers is that he combines humor and heart in his posts. While he usually does funny roleplay videos, you can’t help but experience a sudden “Eureka!” moment watching his content a few minutes later.

Popular Creator Award

Crowd favorites John Lloyd Castillo, Lennie Enverga, and Jookstogo are more than just their popularity. While their Popular Creator Award is well-deserved, their pages are content gems on the platform.

It’s hard to not smile at John Lloyd Castillo when you visit his Tiktok. His hugot posts are nothing short of feels-worthy and engaging.

Is the hype surrounding a certain trend real or fake? Lennie Enverga is the perfect girl to “approach” when it comes to these questions. This creator is willing to answer your questions if you’re having second thoughts about certain online trends.

Are you in the mood for kawaii posts? Then, it’s a must to check Jookstogo’s Tiktok. Her posts always contain the following things: pastel colors, Japanese-inspired trinkets, and a bundle of cuteness.

Top Creative Award

Are you going through a creative slump? Perhaps Edlyn Ho, Dr. Kilimanguru, and Stephen Benihagan can inspire you with their content. They are this year’s recipients of the Top Creative Award for a reason. 

Feeling hungry? Maybe Boss Edlyn’s Tiktok can help solve your cravings. This creator shares easy-to-follow recipes and Batangas-inspired cuisine if you’re in the mood to eat. We can’t help but drool over her garlic chicken in cheese sauce and pancit.

Dr. Kilimanguru is a licensed medical doctor that can help you with your health-related concerns. His Tiktok is filled with informative posts on popular medical myths, COVID-19 woes, and more.

“Stephen Oppa” or Stephen Benihagan’s Tiktok is a haven for those who doubt popular tutorials on the internet. If you’re too scared to try the weird combo of soft drink-flavored eggs, he’s the person you can ask.

Rising Star Award

Watch out for Vanessa Kate, Krizzle Luna, and Father Fiel Pareja a.k.a. the rising stars of local Tiktok. Their pages contain informative and life-changing content that’s worth visiting. 

Vanessa Kate is more than just a pretty face. Her Tiktok is a well-curated platform filled with snippets of her day-to-day life. There’s something charming about her posts that makes users return for a second look. 

Don’t be fooled with Krizzle Luna’s use of Gen-Z and street lingo in her Tiktok. This medical PGI feels like your approachable Ate who’s willing to help you out if you want to be a doctor or nurse. 

Who says it’s impossible to combine faith and social media? It looks like Father Fiel Pareja has something to say. Father Fiel is a creator that we need right now, especially that the world has been very tough. His bible verses and preaching posts can help you deal with life, in a more enlightened way.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Tiktok Awards Philippines!