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Explore a neon-lit cybercity as a cat in upcoming video game ‘Stray’

By Kara Santos Published Aug 02, 2021 2:52 pm

Finally, we have new gameplay footage for the next possible Game Of The Year.

Stray is an upcoming adventure video game that tells the story of a stray cat who accidentally falls into a weird, mysterious world populated by robots and follows his journey to return to his family. 

The highly anticipated indie game, formerly known as HK_Project, has been in development since 2016. Stray is being developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive, the same studio behind Journey and Outer Wilds.

Based on the latest gameplay footage, exploration and environmental puzzles will be key elements to navigating this strange world as the curious feline. 

The details put into the neon-lit environment inhabited by droids looks amazing and developers have spent a lot of time and work filling their worlds and levels with hidden lore for players to enjoy.

Swann Martin-Rage, producer at BlueTwelve Studio recently shared an in-depth look and progress update on the game on the PlayStation blog.

There’s quite a lot to find and learn about this forgotten city and the surprising characters who live in it! The cat is definitely the star of the show in the game though, and it was important for us to show a glimpse of all the playful interactions that he can have with his environment,” wrote Martin-Rage.

“Some of them are useful and will help solve puzzles as you progress, and some are just here because cats will be cats—and as most cat owners know painfully well, no sofa can be left unscratched.”

While adventure games and puzzle platformers are not new, the unique perspective of playing as a cat has created some amazing work in terms of level design, taking into account how cats really move, jump over obstacles, and interact with their environment.

This adorable ginger kitty can deftly jump from roof tops and scale rain pipes with ease, as well as interact with technology, aided by a small drone called B12. 

According to the game developer: “The small drone, B12, that you’ll encounter has lots of helpful features like translating the language of the machines inhabiting the world, or storing precious items that you find during your journey. But above all, he is a friendly being with a mysterious story—learning about his past as his relationship with the cat evolves is a key element to this adventure.”

Check out the awesome new gameplay footage below. The trailer teases a lot of cool moments, like the cat pushing buttons on a vending machine and standing up to push a wooden plank to make a bridge.

Stray is slated for an early 2022 release for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. 

(Images via Annapurna Interactive)