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Family creates card game to fight quarantine boredom

By Argie Aguja Published Aug 19, 2020 12:00 am Updated Aug 19, 2020 6:33 am

Who says being stuck indoors for months with the family is boring?

A family of six took advantage of the idle time spent at home and created a pandemic-themed game that will help teach kids about real life moments in a light-hearted way.

Surviving Quarantine is a new family-friendly, pandemic-themed card game created by the Brown family in Heber City, Utah, USA. The game can be played in Fun Friendly Mode or Battle Mode involving 2-5 players, with simple and easy-to-follow rules. 

Players take turns drawing from the deck. If you draw a virus, you can pass it on to another, who will then use vaccines, antidote and other cards to protect themselves and eventually survive another round. To make things more interesting, the card game also comes with 'bailout' cards for survival, laser sharks that destroys the last card played, and even an "anti-vaxxer" card that requires the player to return all vaccine cards back to the deck. The last player to remain wins the game.

In an interview with Fox13 news website, the creator shared the inspiration behind the game. “We were stuck with a bunch of free time, we decided to see if we could create our own game and that’s when we came up with Surviving Quarantine. We saw all the things that were happening, all the hoarding that was going on and everybody getting mad at cruise ships and all these other things, and it was basically a cartoon,” said Dallas Brown.

Together with his wife, Nicole, and the four kids, the family drew prototypes on index cards as a family bonding activity. This became a way for the Brown’s to survive the quarantine. Now, their finished product is ready to take off.

The Brown family turned to Kickstarter to raise cash needed to produce the card game. Their funding platform went live July 28 and by Aug. 18, pledges have reached $13,622, surpassing the creator’s goal of $10,200. Donors who gave at least $20 will receive a copy of the card game once made.

You can view the game mechanics and details on the game’s website or the Kickstarter page