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'Attack on Titan' manga 98 percent finished, says creator

By Argie Aguja Published Nov 10, 2020 4:01 pm

The final arc of Attack on Titan’s manga is reaching its climax, and as excitement reaches a fever pitch, series creator Hajime Isayama confirmed that the manga is already 98 percent finished.

In an interview back in June, Isayama disclosed that the series has about five percent of running time left, with the loose ends of the story wrapping up nicely. Now, it has become clearer that the manga is close to ending.

During a special event marking the unveiling of three Attack on Titan statues (Eren, Mikasa and Armin) in Japan, Isayama noted that the manga has only about “one to two percent of material left” according to a report from the Twitter account of @RanobeSugoi. The report failed to note just how many chapters more can fans expect to see.

Attack on Titan Chapter 134 comes out this month, while the next will come out by December, meaning there aren’t many chapters left. If the author’s five percent estimate last June is to be believed, then fewer chapters can be expected from the author. That estimate was about four or five chapters ago. If all goes as planned, then the conclusion may be upon us by year end.

The statement makes a lot of sense when you consider that in the manga, Eren continues to attack the rest of the world with the Founding Titan and the titans formerly in the walls. This scenario is leading to a final battle between Eren and the rest of humanity’s fighting forces.

Attack on Titan may have reached its final arc indeed, and it won’t be long now until we see what kind of ending Isayama has in store for us.