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Play-Doh for Grown-Ups captures the scent of adulthood

By Argie Aguja Published Nov 02, 2020 5:45 am

Mention the word Play-Doh in any conversation and people are bound to elicit a mental image of a small yellow can with a colorful lid containing a malleable plaything that appeals to a child’s senses: bold and vibrant colors, soft yet flexible textures, an unmistakable aromatic scent, a soft popping sound every time a can is opened, and even the mild salty flavor (yes, some kids wondered how it tasted).

Though long recognized as a toddler’s favorite, Play-Doh isn’t exclusively for kids any more.

Hasbro has just released "Play-Doh for Grown Ups" – a new adult-themed Play-Doh series that the company calls a “semi-childish fun you deserve to have every once in a while. It’s like an adult coloring books alternative!”

The Play-Doh for Grown Ups line features six adult-themed scents: Overpriced Latte (coffee), Mom Jeans (clean denim), Grill King (smoked meats), Dad Sneakers (rubber), Spa Day (floral), and Lord of the Lawn (fresh cut grass).

According to The Toy Book, Hasbro describes each individual scent like this:

  • Overpriced Latte: You paid HOW much for that latte? Finally, a gift for coffee lovers that reveals their true coffee snob status! With a warm, nutty aroma mixed with a touch of sweet smell, this brown scented Play-Doh compound for adults is a fun treat without having to wait in line at the cafe (and without the calories).
  • Spa Day: Finally, a spa treatment you can actually afford! Pamper your senses with this fresh floral scented Play-Doh modeling compound. A single 4-ounce can of squishy pink color and blossomy fragrance is easy to bring on the go or hide in a drawer (ooh la la).
  • Mom Jeans: We’ve taken that perfect feeling of “jeans that are both comfy and flattering” and put it in a can you can take almost anywhere. Take a whiff of the freshly washed denim scent.
  • Lord of the Lawn: Self-proclaimed defenders of home turf will surely appreciate their very own adult Play-Doh compound that celebrates perfectly manicured lawns everywhere! The best part of mowing the lawn is that fresh-cut grass smell, and we’ve captured that in a can for you to cherish even when it’s not mowing season.
  • Grill King: Who’s firing up the grill? Sike – it’s this! Take a whiff from this smoky BBQ scented Play-Doh can and relive the day you were dubbed neighborhood Grill King. Satisfyingly squishy with an irresistible smoky BBQ scent, 4 ounces of this funny stuff is sure to please the barbecue pro in your life.
  • Dad Sneakers: If you could put dad jokes in a can, you’d have this! It’s softer than the arch supports in dad’s sneakers and has that brand-new shoe smell you only experience the moment you open up the shoebox.

A pack of six is available on Amazon for $11.99 (P580). It’s currently sold out though, a clear indication of the irresistible nostalgia adults have toward their childhood toys.

Will you be getting one?

(Images from Hasbro)