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Ready for Esther's comeback? Paramount drops full trailer of ‘Orphan: First Kill’

By Sofia Valderama Published Jul 14, 2022 3:40 pm

Paramount Movies has released the trailer of the prequel to the 2009 horror hit Orphan, and looks like it is going to be bloody. 

Isabelle Fuhrman returns as Esther in the terrifying saga, alongside 10 Things I Hate About You actress Julia Stiles and The Middle Man actor Rossif Sutherland. Meanwhile, American film director, screenwriter, and producer William Brent Bell will take the helm from the first film's director Jaume Collet-Serra.

Julia Stiles told Collider last year that she does not watch horror movies because she is “not interested in blood and gore.”  

“I find it gross, but I don’t find it really scary. What I find scary is the stuff that happens up here. And Isabelle Fuhrman’s character, Esther — although she has multiple names, Leena, I don’t know — it’s just such a fascinating, especially now because she’s a grown-up,” she shared, noting how “sociopathic” Fuhrman’s character is. 

Joining Stiles and Fuhrman in the film are Matthew Finlan, Morgan Giraudet, Hiro Kanagawa, Jade Michael, and Samantha Walkes.  

Although Orphan ended with Esther being killed by the Coleman family, First Kill will revolve around Esther’s (whose real name is Leena Klammer) early life and first victims, Katie (Stiles) and Richard (Sutherland).   

Full of bloody violence, fire, and sexual content, the trailer was released on the midnight of June 14 and it highlighted eerie scenes from the film. As Esther travels to America after escaping a psychiatric facility, she continues to impersonate the missing daughter of a wealthy family. 

In the original film, Esther is a 33-year-old woman diagnosed with a hormonal disorder, who poses as a 9-year-old girl and was adopted by married couple Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard.  

Orphan: First Kill is coming to theaters in the UK on August 19 and will also be available on Paramount+ in the US.