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What happened to Jennifer Pan, who hired people to kill her parents in Netflix true crime 'What Jennifer Did'?

By Nechole Jayne Garcia Published Apr 14, 2024 5:43 pm

What do you do when you just run out of lies to hide yourself in to fulfill your strict parents’ expectations? For Jennifer Pan, murder was the only solution she could think of. 

In November 2010, Bich Ha Pan was murdered in her home in Markham, Ontario, Canada during a home invasion. Her daughter, who was thought to be a victim too, was later found to be a suspect who planned the killing of her mother Bich, and the attempted murder of her father, Huei Hann Pan.

14 years later, a Netflix true crime documentary would be made on Jennifer's story. This movie was released on April 10 and would land the #1 spot in the Netflix movie charts.

The Night of the Tragedy

On November 8, 2010, a 911 call from the Pan residence on Helen Avenue Road caused panic across Canada as a distressed then 24-year-old Jennifer reported a robbery.   

When the authorities arrived, they found Bich and Hann, each shot twice; the mother was found dead while Hann survived but got shot once in the shoulder and once in the face and needed to be put in an induced coma later at the hospital. 

After being assessed and cleared for injuries, Jennifer would sit by her father’s side for three hours before being taken to the Markham Police Station to give a witness statement.

Red flags were later raised as discrepancies were found in her story versus her 911 call. During the interview with the cops, Jennifer’s deception of her parents and a possible motive arose. 

At the time, Jennifer was living with her parents and lied to them about graduating high school and pursuing pharmacology at the Toronto Metropolitan University. However, the truth is that she is a high school dropout living with her drug dealer boyfriend, Daniel Wong, whom her parents did not approve of.

Hann Pan’s Testimony 

When Jennifer's father awoke from his coma, he had a substantially different recollection of the tragic night than her daughter's police statement.

In a conversation with an investigator from his hospital bed, Hann said to “use police techniques to find out what Jennifer did.” 

What Jennifer Did  

What Jennifer told her parents about her life and what she told detectives had one thing in common – it was all lies. 

It was all a setup. Jennifer hired three hitmen to kill her parents. Jennifer was in contact with a person named Lenford Crawford, also known as “Homie” or “Homeboy.” With Daniel Wong’s help, they went on with the plan along with Eric Carty and David Mylvaganam. 

That evening, the plan was set in motion around 9:35 PM, when David called Jennifer. After Bich got home from line dancing, Jennifer pretended to check the door and unlocked it, signaling the men to enter their abode and wreak havoc. 

The cause of all this? An ultimatum given by Mr. and Mrs. Pan to Jennifer: it was either them or Daniel. Add that to the financial motive as Jennifer would receive an amount from her parents’ life insurance. The only thing the daughter did not consider was Hann Pan surviving the ordeal. 

Jennifer Pan, Daniel Wong, Lenford Crawford, Eric Carty, and David Mylvaganam were charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder, and conspiracy to commit murder.  

Where is Jennifer now?

Jennifer is currently serving her life sentence at the Grand Valley Institution for Women in Kitchener, Ontario and will be eligible for parole around 2040. Her accomplices were also convicted with the same sentencing.  

Jennifer Pan and Daniel Wong were also forbidden from contacting each other.  

What Jennifer Did examines the Pans' story as well as statements from investigators, the family's close friends, neighbors, Jennifer's teachers, and friends.

Watch the trailer below.