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Want to own a piece of your idol’s legacy?

By Sheree Gotuaco, The Philippine STAR Published Mar 02, 2024 5:00 am

For the first time, superfans can now collect and own both digital and physical mementos of their illustrious idols in one place, as made possible by the German Moreno Walk of Fame Foundation and the Eastwood City Walk of Fame. This first-ever launch will feature hand-picked celebrities from the previous years’ Walk of Fame inductees. What a treat!

I learned that the Walk of Fame was the brainchild of “Mr. Showman,” German Moreno, when he founded this on Dec. 1, 2005, almost 19 years ago! It was patterned after the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and since then has been under the care of the German Moreno Walk of Fame Foundation.

“Kuya Germs” believed in immortalizing the iconic contributions of deserving individuals of Philippine music, film, news, radio, social media, athletics and entertainment. All this time, he kept this dream alive, and many times at his own expense.

The Premium Collectible Box includes a live digital frame that will play the highlights of the life of Pilita Corrales, a Certificate of Authenticity and a token vial from the family.

Since his passing in 2016, his son, Federico Moreno, took up the reins to continue his father's vision as the president and general manager of the City of Stars project. Thanks to many valued supporters such as Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista and entrepreneur Alice Eduardo, this dream can continue.

The seed idea of the Walk of Fame collectibles concept started when we at Scarletbox showcased a special event at's new BGC headquarters at the leadership team's request to reward their VIP clients. We transformed their dining hall into a gallery highlighting the works of National Artist Abdulmari Imao and his son Toym Imao, together with National Artist Jose Joya with his grandnephew Andre Baldovino.

Pilita Corrales’ gown (in excellent condition) used during her tours in the US: The long-sleeved gown (size: Medium) is made of layered chiffon ruffles with black lace beaded sleeves and overlay. 

Invited VIPs were treated to an evening of art, fun and camaraderie. Commemorative Imao tumblers were gifted to each attendee and they had the chance to select and purchase from the collectible artworks displayed on the walls. Each artwork came with an augmented-reality feature and a premium collectible box set.

Artists Toym Imao and Andre Baldovino graced the evening with candid and informative fireside chats with the audience, while enjoying food and drinks.

The Silent Auction page via where fans can bid on their fave idol’s collectible in the comfort of their homes 

As a highlight of the event, there was a silent auction on a special combined art piece by National Artist Vicente Manansala and Andre Baldovino, where the audience could bid through our online platform via a QR code while dining and mingling.

Among the VIP audience in attendance that evening was Federico Moreno. He enjoyed the entire experience and thought that the silent auction was a fun and exciting process, especially watching the bids go up until the time was up and a winner was announced.

German Moreno

Moreno invited us to meet up and discuss the possibilities of engaging different generations so that they can be aware of the awardees' contribution to Philippine culture, as well as to find a means to preserve their legacy and reward superfans. 

Pilita Corales

After a lively lunch discussion, the concept was born. Through the support of the current valued partners, the Walk of Fame will make available to superfans one set of physical and digital collectibles per individual personality that are hand-picked. Each set of collectible includes a framed iconic photo with an augmented-reality feature, a premium collectible box with digital frame that will play the video tribute to the icon, a Certificate of Authenticity, plus a meaningful physical memento (such as gown, jacket or other item that the celebrity will donate).

The process is simple and fun. Fans and superfans can use the QR code or log onto to join the silent auction and place a bid. Names of the bidders can be changed to provide anonymity, if desired. The silent auction begins on March 3, Sunday, at 12 noon and ends on the evening of March 6, 2024, at the culmination of the Walk of Fame dinner event.

Randy Santiago

The partial hand-picked stellar roster includes collectibles from German Moreno, “Asia’s Queen of Song” Pilita Corrales, multi-talented host, comedian, musician and producer Randy Santiago, and “Child Wonder of the Philippines” Niño Muhlach.

What then are these so called digital collectibles, or NFTs? In short, digital collectibles are the “Proof of Ownership Certificate” of a digital asset, pretty much like how one wants a title for a land or vehicle that they have purchased.

Niño Muhlach

In the 1990s, when computers became ubiquitous worldwide, a lot of digital assets were created, such as graphic arts, PDFs, videos and other forms of images. From that period onwards, there was no way to attach a "Proof of Ownership"—until today with digital collectibles or NFTs. The proof of ownership is an alphanumeric 18-25 long identification title stored on the blockchain. This ID points to the stored digital asset (document, image or video) that will be preserved forever. Pretty simple. 

The German Moreno Walk of Fame Foundation hopes that this endeavor will promote cross-generational awareness of the contributions of the different icons from various eras, as well as allow fans and superfans to take part in owning a piece of their Icon's legacy. At Scarletbox, we are equally privileged and honored to be part of this tribute to our Philippine stars by executing this concept.

Each artist will have only one collectible set available for auction. Ready for some star-studded fun? Visit or scan the QR Code pictured to start bidding in the comfort of your own home.

After all, how often does one get a chance to be this close to touch a star?