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From 'The World of the Married' to 'Your Name': A look at the diverse roles of Han Sohee

By Hannah Mallorca Published Oct 31, 2021 5:21 pm Updated Oct 31, 2021 5:27 pm

Han Sohee is known for her ability to pick diverse characters. In 2020, she played the role of a sexy mistress that we loved to hate. Previously, she was a marupok college student who’s unaware that her “boyfriend” is a walking red flag. Currently, she’s a badass gang member who seeks justice for her father’s death.

Even if Sohee is considered a rising star in the Korean entertainment industry, she doesn’t hold herself back from choosing roles that challenge her acting abilities. Her acting skills are more than enough for fans to know who she is. 

As we root for her character Yoon Jiwoo to avenge her father’s passing in My Name, let’s take a look at some of Sohee’s many roles in K-drama land.

Yoon Seowon in Money Flower (2017)

In one of her earliest roles, Sohee’s character Yoon Seowon in the 2017 series Money Flower was heartbreaking, to say the least. For starters, she’s the secret lover of a wealthy businessman. Her former job as an information desk employee is not attractive to the rich and famous, so she’s forced to stay hidden. As the K-drama talks about people who are driven by greed, she’s one of the unfortunate victims. 

Kim Sohye in 100 Days My Prince (2018)

Seeing Han Sohee and Kim Seonho together in one K-drama is a deathly combination. 100 Days My Prince did that and even broke our hearts with their pitiful characters.

At a glance, Kim Sohye (Sohee) seems like someone who’s easy to hate. She’s the so-called rival of Prince Lee Yul (EXO’s D.O.) and Yeon Hongshim’s (Nam Jihyun) love story after all. However, she’s a woman who’s been forced to marry the Prince and is constantly neglected by her husband. She soon falls in love with one of her father’s hired killers but their romance ends in tragedy after his death. 

Jang Heejin in Abyss (2019)

Sohee’s recurring role as Heejin was short, but it’s enough to catch the attention of K-drama fans. She plays a loving fiancée of the lead who mysteriously disappears before their wedding. There’s something about her acting ability that will make you desperate for her presence, especially after her sudden disappearance from the series. 

Yeo Dakyung in The World of the Married (2020)

Perhaps, Sohee as the annoying kabit Yeo Dakyung was the role that catapulted her into domestic and international recognition. And her portrayal of the innocent turned frustrating mistress is worth congratulating.

As someone who grew up in a life of luxury, Dakyung lives her life with no regrets. She doesn’t have any plans for the future but it doesn’t matter for her, since Lee Taeoh (Park Haejoon) loves her anyway. The innocent and lovesick girl eventually becomes desperate as she longs to have her partner’s affections. She soon learns that she must love herself first, before losing herself completely to a man. A married man, in fact. 

Yoo Nabi in Nevertheless (2020)

Han Sohee’s role as Yoo Nabi in Nevertheless was a moment of collective cheers, groans, and moral support for K-drama fans.

It was hard to watch her fall in love with someone who’s a walking red flag since we know that she deserves better. At the same time, we can’t help but root for her journey towards self-love as she heals from two consecutive heartbreaks. She may have gotten the man, but we’re mostly hoping for her character to embrace her strengths and flaws in the series finale. 

Yoon Jiwoo/Oh Hyejin in My Name (2021)

Sohee’s recent role is a cold-hearted woman who’s desperately seeking justice for her father’s murder. With no one to rely on except herself, Jiwoo joins the Dongcheon gang as Hyejin to infiltrate the police force. 

Compared to her previous roles, Sohee’s character is out for revenge and she spares no one. Her impressive role as a loving daughter who turns heartless in her quest for justice is impressive and noteworthy.