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#FangirlGigs: iKON and Filo IKONics partied hard during the group's 'Take Off' tour in Manila

By Melanie Uson Published Aug 09, 2023 8:15 pm

After nearly five years since their last solo show in the Philippines, K-pop group iKON made sure to come back strong—setting the stage on fire from start to finish at this year’s Manila show. 

The whole Araneta Coliseum did not have a quiet moment even an hour before the Take Off show brought by Pulp Live World, with Filo iKONics hyping up the night every chance they get especially when the group’s songs are being played while waiting for the most awaited event. 

When the clock struck 6 p.m., iKON’s Ju-ne, Bobby, Yunhyeong, DK, and Chan-woo did not waste time to impress the crowd, starting off strong with Tantara and Sinosijak performances.  

After the show-stopping performances, iKONic’s favorite boys greeted the crowd.  

“Long time no see, guys!” said DK, the group’s main dancer. 

"We are in the middle of our tour, first time ever world tour and we have gone to places such as Europe, and Japan, but we are so excited to finally visit Manila! Really, really miss you guys," he added. 

During the almost three-hour run, iKON and the whole crowd did not give any signs of unfaltering energy as they perform their songs, At Ease, Killing Me, Rhythm Ta, and Bling Bling.  

The group also gave out solo stages, where Ju-ne serenaded the crowd with Want You Back. He also had a duet with Bobby on the song Deep Night, before the latter impressed the crowd with his vocals and rapping skills with the song, Heartbroken Playboy. DK, meanwhile, gave his sultry performance of Kiss Me. 

Giving a different mood, Yunhyeong performed a fun performance of Fighting, donning a red sequined suit while dancing and singing the trot song. 

The group also talked about their latest album and teased their fans that they will release two new songs soon. 

Bobby also impressed the crowd with his Tagalog skills, saying “Hello, maganda! Gusto niyo bang mag-inom mamaya? Mahal kita!”

Chan-woo also shared the Tagalog phrases he knows, like “Sakit akong tiyan,” which he learned from Jay (Jinhwan) a.k.a. the “Filipino prince” since he studied in the Philippines when he was young. Jay wasn’t able to join the world tour as he is currently serving in the military. 

They also aired a recorded video wherein the group was asked questions about themselves, anchoring on the letters of “Take Off.” 

iKON later performed fan favorites, such as Love Scenario, U, B-day, and Freedom. They were also accompanied by a live band throughout the show, which made every performance a stellar and remarkable one. 

Filo iKONics weren’t the only ones who received a “night to remember” core memory during the show. To express their love and unending support for the group, the fans surprised them with a project, where they expressed how much the group and their music helped them not just in providing entertainment, but also in giving them comfort in the most personal struggles they deal with in their lives.  

Near the end of the show, the boys expressed their gratitude to the fans, promising that they would soon come back and this time, with Jay. 

“I wanna thank all of you, and I almost wanna hug each one of you,” said DK through an interpreter.  

“Thank you so much for coming. We’re not the ones who make this show a hundred percent, you guys [do],” said Bobby. “You guys are like the most important structure of the world tour.” 

They ended the show on an even higher note with an encore of Tantara, B-Day, Rhythm Ta, Love Scenario, and Freedom. 

The boys went to the stage bringing only their talent and amazing discography—they did not have any fancy outfit changes (except Yunhyeong’s trot performance)—but they were able to deliver a stellar show every fan would remember and would anticipate, no matter how long their comeback would take.