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EXCLUSIVE: Cast of ‘Jinny’s Kitchen’ shares how they've been honing themselves as superstars in the kitchen

By Melanie Uson Published Feb 25, 2023 7:10 pm

Whether it's in a drama series or a concert stage, Jinny’s Kitchen stars never fail to delight Hallyu fans. This time, they're out do it in the kitchen—and without filters. 

Korean stars Lee Seo-jin, Park Seo-jun, Jung Yu-mi, Choi Woo-shik, and BTS’ V have spent the last months whipping up meals and running a restaurant for the new reality show, which premiered on Prime Video on Feb. 24.

In an interview exclusive to PhilSTAR L!fe, Lee Seo-jin, who serves as the restaurant’s owner in the show reveals the strength of his co-stars. 

“Jung Yu-mi was really great at creating a positive environment,” he shared. Yu-mi has been in-charge of making gimbap.  

Meanwhile, Itaewon Class star Park Seo-joon was responsible for the kitchen. "He did the most work like a real head chef," said Seo-jin. 

While Choi Woo-shik is the star in the dining area, where Seo-jin said the team does tasks they “could not do without [Woo-shik]."

BTS’ V, for his part, was in charge of miscellaneous tasks. Seo-jin said that he “had to handle everything.” This includes food preparations and mopping the floors even when the heavy rain leaked inside their restaurant. 


Taking pride in their skills, the stars shared their favorite dishes to cook during those months they filmed the show.

“I think I’m confident in my meat grilling skills. Yeah, grilling meat. Meat is the hardest to cook,” Seo-joon said. 

On the other hand, his co-stars boast how he makes good ramyeon, which V described as “amazingly good.” 

Seo-jin validated V’s admiration for Seo-jun's ramyeon, saying, “Seo-jun is good at making ramyeon and V is good at eating it.”  

Meanwhile, Woo-shik takes pride in his skill in cooking eggs. “Cooking eggs also requires a lot of skill,” noting that he'll "keep at it" in his lifetime.

Although V has yet to learn cooking, he takes pride in his plating skills. 

Meanwhile, Seo-jin's gomtang (beef bone soup) has been the team’s favorite. 

“His gomtang is really... if it’s in the freezer, you’ll keep taking it out to eat. His gomtang is the best,” said Seo-jun, with Yu-mi agreeing, “He makes it look super easy to make.” 

With the series set in Mexico, the team noticed how the locals have been fond of spicy foods so they decided to add more of it to their menu, most especially the famous tteokbokki, a spicy rice cake. 

Jinny's Kitchen is now available for streaming in Prime Video.