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From painting bags to making scented candles: 5 of Heart Evangelista's hobbies that prove she's a creative powerhouse

By AYIE LICSI Published Oct 28, 2022 7:43 pm

Actress, fashionista, trendsetter, and artist—Heart Evangelista is a jane of creative trades.

Every year, Heart continues to flex her artistic muscles and put her keen eye for design to use. In July, she released an art collaboration with Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd, and before that, she has taken part in various exhibits at the Ayala Museum and Galerie Joaquin.

Her forms of expression don't stop there, though. Here's a look at Heart's other crafty endeavors through the years, proving she's a creative powerhouse.

Hand-painting bags

From the traditional canvas, the real-life crazy rich Asian has dipped her paint brushes on handbags, as well. And these aren't just any regular handbags, these are luxury ones.

While she has painted more than 50 designer bags, Heart most recently stained an Hermes bag for Jinkee Pacquiao

In a previous interview, the socialite said she started painting on bags after accidentally spilling cheese fries on one of her own. As she thought of ways to cover the stain, she learned Kim Kardashian had a hand-painted Birkin, so she decided to paint her purse, too.

For these personalized luxury bags, Heart charges P90,000 and only accepts a number of clients at a time.

Creating collectible art toys

In August, Heart released her first-ever art toy collection at Secret Fresh gallery. The line featured 12 hand-painted figures, each with a personalized message from her.

The toys are colorful three-dimensional resin figures of women that also appear in her paintings. The collectible set, with only 40 out of 50 sold, was reportedly priced at P200,000 each.


Didn't think setting a table could be an art form, too? For the uninitiated, tablescaping is the art of creatively and intentionally setting and arranging articles on a table so it conveys a specific mood, theme, or experience.

Heart has shared tablescaping ideas before, saying she loves it as much as decorating her home.

"I absolutely love hosting parties at home, and of course, table setting plays a big part when it comes to these special occasions. As much as I love the party itself, I most especially love preparing for it!"

In one of her YouTube vlogs, she gave subscribers a glimpse of her China room and gave tips on jazzing up the table, like investing in nice utensils and matching colorful napkins with white plates.

Launching her own beauty line

Aside from working on her art, Heart has her own beauty and wellness brand Pure Living, which she launched with her sister Camille Ongpauco.

"My sister and I wanted to come up with a company to give everyone a chance to experience attainable luxury living," she said in an Instagram post.

The brand offers a variety of skincare products like cleansers, creams, beauty wands, hair removal lasers, eyelash curlers, and more.

Scented candle-making

This October, Heart shared that she's dabbled in another hobby: making scented candles. In her latest collaboration with RLC Residences as its brand ambassador, the socialite developed her own special candle with fragrances that remind her of home.

"Candles remind me of home and beautiful memories. I’m sure a lot of people feel the same. Plus, it's the Christmas season and we all know that a candle also means light and hope," she told PhilSTAR L!fe and other members of the press who attended her contract signing with RLC Residences on Oct. 25.

Heart herself finds comfort in a classic vanilla scent, which reminds her of happy memories.

"Each scent represents a different chapter in your life. There’s a study that scent activates a part of the brain that makes you remember a memory," she shared, adding that when she travels, she likes carrying scented candles that would remind her of home, or when she's working, she likes lighting ones with relaxing and calming scents.