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Why buying life insurance is an act of love

Published: Nov 03, 2021 8:00 AM

While the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in the most uncertain ways, there's one thing Sun Life gold awardee Teresa Gerona is sure of: We must plan and prepare for the future. 

She shares this timely nugget of wisdom, "By getting insured, you sleep well at night knowing that in case the inevitable happens, your loved ones will remember you as having loved them not just for a lifetime but beyond."

She elaborates, "Definitely, in these times of uncertainty and grave threats to our lives due to the pandemic, we must be made aware of the urgency of having to protect one's precious life. And this can only be addressed through Sun Life's life insurance and health products/solutions."

Leaving a legacy

For Teresa, you're buying a life insurance not because you're going to die but because your loved ones are going to live. Indeed, it's not just a life insurance but a "love insurance," because it's a legacy you leave behind for your family or the people you love.

The longest gold qualifier, Teresa Gerona was recruited into Sun Life Philippines in 1985. "I was trained and mentored by the late Richard Young, my beloved unit manager, back then, when I was considering changing careers," she fondly looks back.

"Eventually, there were trainings and courses introduced by Sun Life and others offered by the Life Underwriters Association of the Philippines, which I took." It took almost two years before she was released by her former employer and went full time for Sun Life. Today, she's been with Sun Life for over 36 years -- and counting!

She declares in no uncertain terms, "I treasure and take pride in being with the first, oldest, and biggest life insurance company in the Philippines. And to those who might be hesitant and think that their insurance company may fold up, I can only say, 'Why not get covered with Sun Life, which has been around for 126 years and is committed to serve and stay for the next centuries to come?'"

Financial and health security

Teresa has traveled around the world, either on company-sponsored trips or personal ones with her family, thanks to the generous bonuses she gets from Sun Life. "But other than the perks, I can't emphasize enough the mission I'm committed to fulfill: to see every Filipino achieve lifetime financial and health security," she firmly asserts. Sun Life takes care not only of its clients' financial well-being but also of their physical health. Through its Go Well campaign, it helps clients to keep fit and healthy through workouts, trainings, and fitness classes.

While Teresa has stashed away some savings from her own life insurance policies, she's enabled her clients to do the same thing "to meet their goals for themselves and their loved ones."

She points out, "A person's needs for life insurance vary, depending on the money life stage he's in. But whatever stage that is, a financial adviser is there to help him map out his road to financial freedom and a healthier lifestyle."

For Teresa, there's nothing like having complete peace of mind by protecting your family's financial/health future against the unforeseen events in life. So, shouldn't we prepare the umbrella before it rains?

Teresa Gerona is an IQA certified Sun Life Financial Advisor.
For more information and inquiries, visit the Sun Life website at

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