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Easy ways to turn your bedroom into a relaxing oasis

Published Feb 26, 2021 3:55 pm

After spending a stressful day at work, there’s nothing more satisfying than wrapping yourself in a blanket—a soft, fleece cocoon all to yourself, on a mattress with just the right firmness, in a clean-smelling room with a quiet air conditioner. Hello, sweet dreams.

If you’re craving a good night’s sleep, you can easily transform your bedroom into a peaceful haven with the right bedtime essentials. Here's a list of master-bedroom must-haves that can give you the relaxation you deserve.

High-quality air cooling products

Sleeping in a cool and well-ventilated room is not just relaxing, it also has health benefits. The body naturally reacts to the drop in temperature, which helps you fall asleep faster than being in a warmer room.

Enjoy a good night’s sleep with the Kaze inverter air conditioner equipped with low-sound technology and a high-quality filter to keep and maintain clean air while allowing you to relax.

You can also get a long-lasting industrial stand fan or sleek ceiling fan if you prefer more economical options without sacrificing style.

Kaze inverter aircon, ceiling fan, stand fan, and industrial fan

Comfortable furniture

You can sleep comfortably if you have the right bed that cushions your whole body. It is important to pick furniture that suits your posture best to prevent body pains later on.

Complete all your bedroom must-haves with Heim. They offer high-quality and trendy pieces including bed frames, side tables, rocking chairs, and accent chairs with ottoman, that will satisfy your comfort needs.

Heim bed frame, bedside table, accent chair with ottoman, and rocking chair

Essential bedroom accessories

If you prefer sleeping with the lights on, Alphalux table lamps are perfect for dimmed yet adequate lighting. A stylish curtain from Heim can also boost the aesthetic appeal of the room and allow you to adjust the lighting from your windows.

Complete the spa-like feel of your bedroom by lighting your favorite aromatic candles or oil diffusers and letting them do olfactory wonders.

Ready to close your eyes? These soft and comfy fleece blankets from Safdie & Co. and bedsheets from Heim can help you settle into a peaceful slumber.

Safdie & Co. fleece blanket, Heim bedsheet, curtain, oil diffuser, candle, and Alphalux table lamp

Exceptional shower needs

At least an hour before bedtime, get a nice, warm bath to refresh your tired body. Rejuvenate in a satisfying bathtub or shower enclosure from Pozzi, a brand that offers top-notch sanitary wares providing solace in your bathroom area. 

You can also opt for Sefa—a multi-functional shower panel that allows you to enjoy an all-encompassing bathing experience with its all-in-one rainfall showerhead, body massage jets, and handheld shower wand.

The Ariston water heater, meanwhile, is a great partner for a nice, soothing bath that helps ease your tense muscles and refresh your mind. It is engineered to provide a premium level of comfort, ensuring a stable and consistent temperature throughout your shower.

Pozzi shower enclosure, Sefa shower panel, Ariston water heater, and Pozzi bathtub

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Editor’s Note: This article was provided by Wilcon Depot.