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My be(a)st-dressed dog list

By MONIQUE TODA, The Philippine STAR Published Feb 26, 2021 4:00 pm

Style is not only limited to humans. It can also be the territory of pets as well. As we have all dressed down (I am talking duster vibes here) due to the pandemic, our pets are having their fashion moments.

The rise of chic canine clothing is evident in the increase in sales of pet clothing, especially during quarantine. Even high-end designer brands have jumped into the fray, like Ralph Lauren, Versace, Thom Browne, and Marine Serre, among many others.

Fashion collaborations have also been quite successful, such as the one with luxury Italian brand Moncler with Poldo Dog Couture and most recently, Ugg booties with the VIP (Very important Puppies) dog-wear brand.

Call it anthropomorphism or the attribution of our own personalities to an animal; pets are a reflection of their dog parents.

Delightfully, there are also very popular dog social media influencers whose Instagram posts are full of selfies and their OOTDs (outfits of the day). There is Boobie Billie with her sassy personality and style; Bodhi, who claims to be the most stylish dog in the world; and the fabulous Izzy the Frenchie.

In Manila, there are more than a few pooches who show off their sartorial savvy. Here is my be(a)st dressed list of dogs who always look catwalk-ready — oops, wrong animal!

Biggie Smalls Romulo Puyat – Biggie is a reluctant fashionista. Her deep secret is that she prefers to walk around nude and not burdened with clothes and accessories. The most she can bear to wear are bells around her neck so it’s easy to find her, since she gets lost a lot. Biggie hates her feet getting wet but when her momma Berna tried putting on shoes, she just refused to walk. Diva behavior from a diva, of course.

It is no surprise then that her favorite outfit was virtual, one that didn’t have to be worn but drawn on an image of her. It was a Filipiniana dress sketched by artist and her tito, Igan D’Bayan. However, when her Ate Maia dresses her up, she is a knockout. Decked out in feminine and frilly dresses combined with her irresistible face, Biggie is easily a doggie fashion icon.

Biggie is as well-dressed as her momma, Tourism Sec. Berna Romulo-Puyat. Here she is in a feminine pink number with pleated skirt.

Nala Tantoco – Nala loves dressing up for different holidays and occasions such as Halloween, Chinese New Year, birthday parties, and other special events. Her favorite outfit was what she wore to usher in the Year of the Dog in 2018. This just shows that she has a sense of humor, too. Full figured, bubbly, girlish and sweet, Nala’s style is a reflection of her personality. She has eclectic tastes that can range from sweet clothes to outfits that reference pop culture. Her best style moment was when she donned a floral headband with a matching cropped top. Nala’s biggest fashion inspiration is her momma, Camille.

 Nala Tantoco celebrates Chinese New Year in full attire when it was the year of the dog in 2018. Her momma Camille Tantoco loves dressing her up for special holidays.

Tobie Alvarez – Tobie looks like a dashing and confident CEO in a double-breasted navy blue coat complemented by an elegant polka-dot necktie. For his photo shoot, he posed with his favorite champagne chew toy. He loves getting dressed and showing off his sartorial flair. In fact, Tobie doesn’t like removing his clothes and prefers to wear them all the time. He can’t get enough of his collared T-shirts, which he uses for a more casual feel when he unwinds by the pool. Tobie will wear almost anything, except for a hoodie and raincoat. Tobie Alvarez is no hipster.

 Tobie wearing a navy blue double-breasted coat and tie beside his champagne chew toy. John Alvarez, his dog daddy, says he likes collared T-shirts too.

Grey and Mowgli Tambunting – Grey is not a fan of clothes and seems to just tolerate dressing. However, she is a star. Grey is elegant and always well-groomed. She mostly wears her comfy smock dresses but stands out in her classic Burberry trench coat, which she accessorizes with a pearl necklace from her tita Rocio. Though she prefers to keep it casual, she is willing to dress for special occasions.

 Impeccably dressed by her momma Claudia Tambunting, Grey Tambunting is seen in a Burberry trench coat accessorized with pearls from Rare by Rocio (IG @rarebyrocio).

Mowgli, on the other hand, is very comfortable in clothes. Don’t let his super-adorable and scruffy look fool you. Once he spruces up and wears  his striped tie and collar, he looks like a boss attending a board meeting. 

Daisy and Olga Puyat – The dynamic duo of Daisy and Olga brings joy to everyone they encounter. Both are very sassy, energetic, intelligent and show a lot of affection. These traits are evident in their happy and colorful outfits, which perfectly suit their personalities. Their fashion is heavily influenced by momma Jessica. In cold weather, they love wearing their fleece vests and for warmer days, they use lightweight colorful get-ups. These beach beauties look so brilliant and happy in their printed sundresses seaside. Whatever, the weather, you can be sure Daisy and Olga have the perfect ensemble.

 Beach beauties Daisy and Olga in bright and printed resort fashion. Dog parent Jessica Puyat ensures they wear outfits that fit their lively personalities.

Call it anthropomorphism or the attribution of our own personalities to an animal; pets are a reflection of their dog parents. This could be in grooming, mannerisms, behavior and, of course, fashion sense. It even goes beyond that, because we want our precious doggies to represent the very best in all of us.