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Halo-halo cheesecake milk tea, halo-halo donuts, and other summer treats you’ll love

By BROOKE VILLANUEVA Published Apr 07, 2021 12:21 pm

Summer can be a little different for many of us this year.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken a raincheck on all our travel plans. Instead of enjoying the scorching heat of the sun on the beach, we’re doing that in our own backyard. Don’t let it stop you from bringing some color into your home though! One way you can do that is to indulge yourself in delicious treats that are sure to boost the summer vibes even when you’re indoors.

Here are some delightful flavors you’ll surely love. 

Macao Imperial Tea has released a new drink containing your three favorites: cheesecake, halo-halo, and milk tea. Priced at P175, the Cheesecake Halo-Halo Milk Tea is made with its signature milk tea and cheesecake cream as well as beans, pudding, pearls, jellies, and taro bits. It’s perfect for beverage lovers who just can’t get enough of toppings and sinkers!

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Speaking of halo-halo, have you ever heard of halo-halo donuts?  Apparently, they do exist, and you can get them at Ooohbeh.atbp for P270 for a box of four and P370 for a box of six. They’re also selling leche flan donuts (P280/P380) and ube flan donuts (P290/P390).

Another take on a Pinoy staple is being offered by Sugar Mommah! We’re talking about the sapin-sapin cheesecake from the food brand’s “summer flavorites” menu, which is amped up with langka, ube halaya, macapuno, and toasted coconut. Need we say more?

Summer’s all about satisfying your cravings, too! If you’re a fan of choco butternut, you might love this choco butternut overload cake by Cielle’s Whisk. Famous for its three luscious layers of moist chocolate cake and mouthwatering butternut coatings, it’s available in different sizes: solo tub (P200), loaf pan (P300), dream cake (P600), and round cake (P850).

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These marble macarons scream summer! Macarose’s yummy and colorful goodies will be available to the public as soon as the enhanced community quarantine is lifted. It costs P1,200 per box. 

Do you make it a point to stop by Leche Ice Cream when you’re in Siargao? In case you didn’t know, this well-loved ice cream store is now in Manila and it’s celebrating the hot season with us with new flavors. Among these are banana cream pie, baon, bubblegum, coconut peanut brittle, champorado and tuyo, and pistachio.

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Have a happy summer, everyone!

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