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‘Little Devil Inside’ gets new gameplay footage in Sony’s State of Play

By Kara Santos Published Oct 28, 2021 3:16 pm

A new trailer for Little Devil Inside was unveiled during Sony’s October 2021 State of Play live stream Wednesday (Oct. 27), which includes the first look at the whimsical game's world map.

Little Devil Inside is an action adventure RPG with cartoonish characters and cutesy miniature aesthetics that was first launched with the help of a Kickstarter campaign.

The story follows Billy, a young hero for hire handling side jobs in the idyllic countryside of a 19th century-inspired fantasy world. After a job goes wrong, Billy's whole life turns upside down when the world is filled with supernatural creatures and mechanical monsters.

Neostream Interactive’s head of production John Choi shared more gameplay details via the PlayStation Blog following the State of Play event.

“Essentially, we tried to create a dynamic, miniature-like representation of the world with tilt-shift effect. During travel in world map travel view, you will come across and encounter various events. Some are forced but in most cases, you will have the option to engage or not,” explained Choi.

Many of these simple interactions can be performed while remaining in world map travel view, such as clearing up a road block or refueling your vehicle at an oil station.

“There are of course instances where you can zoom in further to an actual real-time gameplay level where you can perform all the real-time actions, attend to Billy’s (the protagonist) needs, and fulfill your missions,” added Choi.

According to the game studio, regardless of mission content, players will be free to roam the world map, which resembles a detailed 3D diorama.

“You can travel on foot, on a horse (or a mule to be exact…), in vehicles, and of course on a train. Traveling on foot is slowest but you can go where other forms of transportation cannot take you.”

Another design aspect the game showed was the overall tone, manner, and pace of actual gameplay, which does away with fast travel or teleportation to previously discovered locations, common in most open world RPGs.

“The game is not about leveling up the character as quickly as you can and speed running through all the content. As such, the pace of the game is designed to try and touch the player’s emotions by giving enough time and space and allow them to “take-in” the various atmosphere. Hence, no fast travel,” said Choi.

The Little Devil Inside gameplay preview also showed a glimpse at other survival mechanics of the game, including fishing, finding a place to camp, and cooking food. 

Check out the nearly five-minute long video below.


Little Devil Inside is set to launch first for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC in 2022. Versions for the Xbox One and Switch are also planned for release at a later date.