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Zombie movies while waiting for the COVID-19 jab? This vaccination center goes viral for playing 'World War Z'

By AYIE LICSI Published Sep 01, 2021 4:16 pm

How was your COVID-19 vaccine experience? While some people are in and out in less than an hour for their jab, others have to wait in line longer.

To make time fly by faster for people lined up to get the vaccine, this vaccination center in Bataan decided to put on a film. Their choice of movie for those awaiting the jab, however, caused quite a stir online.

Of all the movies they could play, the organizers at the Bataan People's Center chose the zombie-themed World War Z, which Twitter user @hotgrilzizek said was "questionable."

"My sister's friend is in the queue to get vaccinated in [Bataan] and they set it up so that they can watch a movie while they wait. Bit of a questionable film choice...," she tweeted. 

The user also shared a photo of the setup: socially distanced people seated in front of a huge screen playing World War Z

Other users chimed in, finding the film choice hilarious. They even started to joke, suggesting other apocalyptic movies to screen like Contagion.

Another Twitter user shared that when the vaccination center also played the Korean Zombie flick #Alive.

User @ScarlettSyidek shared her experience getting the jab, saying she was so shocked while watching, she didn't realize the nurse was already calling her name.

Based on a book by Max Brooks, World War Z is a zombie apocalypse movie that first came out in 2013. It follows the story of a former United Nations investigator, played by Brad Pitt, as he tries to save his family and the world from a virus that turns them into zombies.

By the end of the movie, they do find a vaccine of sorts (they injected themselves with deathly pathogens to act as camouflage from the zombies) enabling them to fight against the zombies. 

Thumbnail and banner photos from Twitter, Paramount Pictures.