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Maxene Magalona reacts to comments saying she looks sad, says healing is not about being happy all the time

By Yoniel Acebuche Published Aug 24, 2023 2:10 pm

Maxene Magalona recently shared a piece of meaningful advice on self-healing and happiness. 

On Instagram, 36-year-old actress Maxene Magalona posted photos of herself wearing exercise gear and posing along the streets of Tokyo, Japan. She shared that she has been receiving comments suggesting that she is unhappy because her eyes look sad.

"I’ve been receiving comments that it seems like I’m faking my happiness because my eyes look sad," she started. 

The actress then said that healing does not mean that you have to be happy all the time. Instead, she said that healing is about accepting your feelings, even the negative ones, and learning to cope with them in a healthy way.

"People think that when you’re healing, you are not supposed to be sad anymore. That you should be healed, perfect and happy all the time," she said. "This is not what healing is about."

"Healing happens when you can allow yourself to feel all your emotions, including the negative ones. When you can finally accept that sometimes, your eyes will look sad and that’s okay. It’s all about acknowledging and accepting what you’re feeling instead of denying or suppressing it," she added. 

Maxene concluded her statement by emphasizing the sacred process of healing which must be honored and needs to be taken slowly. "Healing is a very sacred process that must be honored and never rushed. Please take your time and don’t worry about other people’s opinions." 

She also urged her followers to never let anyone destroy their inner peace while in the process.

"You are doing the necessary inner work while they are on their phones scrolling mindlessly on social media and leaving nasty comments. Pray for them," the actress said. 

"Keep going and keep healing. The more you heal, the more your true colors will show," she ended. 

Maxene is known as a health and wellness advocate. She previously shared with PhilSTAR L!fe how she is starting anew in life by letting go of any energy that is no longer helpful to her.

The actress formally announced her breakup with her ex-husband, Robbie Mananquil, through a heartfelt post last October 2022. 

"No breakup is ever easy. It’s painful, confusing, and sad in every sense of the word. It took me about a year to get past my separation from my husband. There was a lot of pain and hurt, but eventually, we both saw it was for the best," she told L!fe